Season 2 episode 14-Guilt by Association

Um, I think you have the wrong house...

Um, I think you have the wrong house…

This is it-the penultimate hour of, possibly, the last ever series of Dallas and also where we finally get answers as to what exactly happened to Pam Ewing post her final appearance on Dallas in 1988 (excellently played at the time by Margaret Michaels) after 25 years of waiting. Plus other things as the big reveal to who shot JR draws ever closer to its conclusion.
The episode opens with Pamela Rebecca and John Ross onboard a jet heading for Dallas post their shotgun wedding (why she didn’t just go after John Ross in the first place I have no idea), when Cliff calls from the Ewing Energies offices, which he took possesion of last episode: ‘It’s the ultimate payback for what Jock did to Digger all those years ago’ (of course the long term fans know that Cliff had realised that Digger was WRONG in his feud with the Ewings and he told Miss Ellie so in 1988, not that that means anything to the production team who have continued to discard established history whenever they like-despite saying this show is a CONTINUATION of the original)
Anyway, checking one of his fancy gadgets John Ross discovers that Cliff was in Nuevo Laredo on the night that JR was shot (Cliff couldn’t be the murderer, could he?)
Arriving back at Southfork John Ross talks to Bobby, convinced that Cliff is the killer of JR. Pamela however refuses to believe it.
Meanwhile Christopher and Elena are in Zurich, intent on tracking down the original Pam. Elena takes the chance of being alone to make a sneaky call to Drew (who is on the run, hopefully he’ll run right out of the series and take Carmen and Elena with him).
Christopher comes back, tells Elena Dr Gordon is the chap he’s seeking and goes to find him and, he thinks, Pam. After arriving at the house though Dr Gordon tells him that Pam and he are married and she never wants to to see him again. Understandably pretty cheesed of by this, he leaves. Going back to the hotel he discovers, quite by accident, that Elena has been in contact with Drew. Telling her where to go (short of actually effing and jeffing at her) she leaves.
Back at Southfork Rhonda (the madam from a previous episode) positively ID’s Cliff as being the seedy gent who was at the same club as JR the night he was killed. John Ross swears to put Cliff in the ground (preferably dead). Emma (Ann’s odd daughter is in the episode too, but doesn’t really do anything, except for act odd and move back into Harris’s house (presumably to ask him to leave the series with her).
Sue Ellen shows up at the Guv’nor’s office and convinces him to see things her way ‘this drink is for you, you’re going to need it’ she promises him. With that pesky gnat out of the way the Ewings go back to taking down the rest of their enemies. Drew continues his search for Roy (yawn). Drew later fools Roy into thinking he’s chasing him on a motorbike but it turns out that it’s actually one of Drew’s friends. Drew has however sneaked a cocaine shoe into the back seat of Roy’s car (that’s told you Roy!)
Drew then calls Bobby and after apologising for being such a bad character he rides off (hopefully for good).
While planting evidence to frame Cliff for JR’s murder, Pamela takes a look at Rebecca Wentworth’s engagement ring from Digger Barnes. Ok two things here: 1) how did Digger ever afford such a big ring when it was established he was flat broke at this time and turning into a massive pisshead? (please excuse my language) and 2) why on earth would she have kept it when being married to Digger was the hell that she told Pam it was when Pam tracked her down in the original series? Rebecca wanted to totally cut ties to her past but for some reason kept her engagement ring? (as if!)
Christopher gets a call that his mother is clearing out her account. Racing to the bank he discovers that it’s not her, but his mother’s old nurse, Karina. And as the episode ends Emma gets caught snooping in Harris’s safe and Pamela and John Ross discover Pam Ewing’s death certificate. ‘Oh my God!’ Pamela exclaims turning to John Ross ‘Christopher’s mother is dead!’ (there is no way, in my mind, that Pamela would not have known that Pam was dead. Originally supposed to be as villainous as her father-before she became saint Pamela of Dallas-what possible reason would he have for not telling her something like that?)
And coming up next-the season finale!

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2 Responses to Season 2 episode 14-Guilt by Association

  1. Mike says:

    I must admit that I ADORE the role that Sue Ellen has taken on. She’s the female version of JR, loving it. Also, “Rhonda”, did you know that this woman is actually Patrick Duffy’s “daughter in Law” in real life – is married to his son.

    • theewing says:

      Hi Mike, thanks for the comment. Yeah, I did read that she’s his daughter in law. I wonder which of his sons she’s married to. I know both of them appeared in the original Dallas. I really like Sue Ellen too.

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