This is another blog about the phenomenally successful prime-time soap opera/drama series Dallas. First coming to television screens in miniseries format in April 1978 it went on to run for an additional 13 seasons (ending in 1991) and spawning long running spin-off Knots Landing (featuring runaway Ewing brother Gary and his long suffering wife-just dump him already!-Valene). After featuring one prequel movie ‘Dallas: The Early Years’ two tv movie reunions-‘JR Returns’ and ‘War of the Ewings’, and one non-fiction special (2004’s Return to Southfork) the show has now been resurrected as Dallas 2.0 and the third season is due to begin airing in February. Thanks for reading and all comments are welcomed and appreciated.


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  1. Gus Larson says:

    Hello! My name is Gus and I am a Swedish freelance journalist writing (together with fellow writer and friend Thomas) a little article about Howard Keel and classic Dallas for a smaller magazine in Sweden. I googled and found this webbsite/blogg and read your article “Where is Clayton Farlow buried?”. We both agree about how strange it is that they have “erased” the character Clayton in Dallas 2.0. We wonder if we can quote you from this site, and then we need your name, please. Are you some sort of fan-club-chariman? Excuse me my bad English. I mean what title shall we give you? If you agree.

    Could we also ask you: what do you think the character Clayton Farlow meant for Dallas. If you could just say something about what sort of part he played, if he meant anything for the show. And also what you think about the actor Howard Keel, in association with Dallas of course. And as I said before, can you tell us your name, please, if we can quote.

    Thanks in advance! And thanks for your webbsite.

    P.S. We are not so crazy about the new Dallas. It’s not bad, and is somewhat interesting to watch for us who liked the old Dallas. But it has a different touch to it, a different feel. It isn’t filmed like Dallas 1.0. What do you think?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Gus,

      Thanks for reading and commenting, sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, hope you don’t think I was being rude. Thanks for your interest in my site, please feel free to quote any part of it you like. I suppose the best way to describe myself would be an amateur blogger as I don’t do this for a living, I’m just a fan of Dallas, I own all the dvds etc. I think it’s odd that not only Clayton Farlow has been erased but many other characters also and I think it’s proving to be to the detriment of the show, but it’s being handled by a production team that time and again are proving themselves ignorant of what made Dallas work in the first place and I believe the falling viewing figures is proof of that. I think Clayton was a very important figure in the original Dallas, he had the thankless task of trying to fill the ‘patriarchal’ shoes of Jock Ewing (of course played by the late, great Jim Davis) he butted heads with JR on more than one occasion, was a great friend to Sue Ellen, a grandfather figure (the only one they knew) to Christopher and John Ross, not to mention a loving husband to Miss Ellie. To me it feels wrong that it’s now as if he never existed, not so much as a photograph exists of him at Southfork (the vague reference on Miss Ellie’s headstone will tell new viewers to the show nothing about this great character) Unfortunately it seems like the production team of Dallas TNT have no interest whatsoever in trying to do justice to the history of the show, they seem only concerned with doing what they want to, which is proving to be very unpopular with a large number of the fans. Dan.

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