Dallas cancelled


It’s official, Dallas has been cancelled. I have to say I’m a little disappointed, though I’m not surprised. Personally I felt it still had potential, but not without major changes needing to be made. I think it was mishandled right from the start and viewers were given a taste of what was in store with the change to the inside of Southfork and the introduction of the Ramos family, who were never there in the original series but now fans were suddenly being asked to accept that they were there they were just ‘not seen’ (yeah, right) This coupled with numerous and nonsensical plot twists, character developments, careless continuity errors, poor writing and a major black hole as to what had happened to the characters in the previous 20 years (Katherine’s supposed death, Cliff’s extremely puzzling character change-given that when the original ended he had ended the feud with the Ewings) among other things are, in my opinion what sowed the seeds of Dallas’s destruction. Apparently there’s a fan campaign at the moment to get the show renewed on another network but if it’s going to be with the current writers and producers along for the ride I really don’t see the point. They’ve messed it up once already, what’s to stop them doing it all over again?

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