RIP Larry Hagman

Dear Patrick, Contained in this letter are instructions on how best to renegotiate your contract for season 3...

Dear Patrick,
Contained in this letter are instructions on how best to renegotiate your contract for season 3…

Watching the, almost, end scene of episode 15 where JR’s portrait is hung in the Ewing Energies offices (it’s a great idea to have a portrait of him there, a la Jock’s portrait in the Ewing Oil offices, but who the hell painted it? No offence to whoever did it but it looks like JR’s face is made of blamanche).
Anyway, when that happened it felt like we, the viewers, were not only saying goodbye to JR Ewing, but also to Larry Hagman. I wasn’t writing this site at the time he died, so I’d like to pay tribute to him now (not that I ever met him, or even met anyone who met him) but it was a pleasure to watch him onscreen for all the years that Dallas was on the air.
Surely there has never been a more iconic television villain. David Jacobs created JR Ewing, but Larry Hagman breathed life into him, turning in great performances episode after episode, and as JR pulling off one dirty deal after another and always coming out on top, grinning like a cheshire cat. Mr Hagman, Rest In Peace and thanks for the memories.

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4 Responses to RIP Larry Hagman

  1. Mike says:

    I read from Cidre that it was actually someone that works on the set of Dallas that painted that picture of JR. I love the gesture and where it’s hanging, but I think the portrait itself could have been done more clearly. I understand that it was done that way on purpose, but would have preferred something in the clear and masterful clarity of the old Jock portait.

    • theewing says:

      Hi Mike,

      I totally agree wth you on the portrait. I think it’s good there is one, and it’s hanging in the right place, but as you said it doesn’t look clear enough, it looks a little as if a child’s painted it. One in the style of the Jim Davis portrait would be much better. And a different portrait of Jim Davis and Barbara Bel Geddes at Southfork would be good too (preferably as separates and not the eyesore one that’s currently there)

  2. Mike says:

    ALSO….EVERYONE and their mother is reporting that Dallas is a “SLAM DUNK” for Season 3 renewal. I’ve heard you mention that you didn’t think so, how come? OR, do you think it will be renewed? All I’ve heard is that it hasn’t been announced yet because there are “negotiations” going on, probably with actors. Dallas is TNT’s best performing show, why on earth would they cancel it? I know they’re getting an avg. of 2.7 mil viewers, but in live+3 (3 days of DVR viewing) it skying to 3.5-4.0 million. I love JR as much as anyone, but I don’t believe the Dallas story fades with JR gone.

    • theewing says:

      Hi Mike, thanks for the comment. I’d previously said that I hoped it would get renewed, given that if it isn’t Dallas won’t be touched by anyone for years. Having watched the finale though I actually don’t think it should be and the reason is that the way episode 15 ended would be a perfect ending, I think, for the whole series. I have absoultely no interest in watching a show without Cliff, JR, Pam or Katherine. As great as Patrick Duffy and Linda Grey are, how long will it be before they’re written off too? Southfork isn’t the same inside and that is one of the most jarring things for me. Something which could be put right so easily and yet isn’t. I think the show’s changing direction and going for a younger audience and a younger cast and I’ve got no interest in sitting around watching a show I like very much get ruined by someone with a massive ego who seems unable to comprehend even the smallest reason of why Dallas 1.0 was such a massive hit and has endured now for 35 years.

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