Season 3 episode 3- ‘Playing Chicken’

I’m definitely feeling an improvement as Dallas 2.0 continues. Sadly though the improvement is only slight and there continues to be annoying, and totally unnecessary, rewriting of the history that was established in the original (so much for the production team considering everything that happened in 1.0 as ‘bible’ for 2.0) as well as poor writing and boring characters (Elena anyone?).
There are highs and lows in episode three as NuDallas (as some have dubbed it) continues to go up and down on the quality like a yo-yo. This week I felt it didn’t quite beat last week but was definitely better than the, rather weak, season opener. Whatever the reason, Dallas 2.0 seems to have problems in that the viewing figures continue to fall week after week as they have since it started in 2012. I think it’s a shame but with a production team that has only just started to listen to what the fans actually want yet continue to make clumsy continuity errors and rewrite characters completely it’s little surprise it is going down.
But anyway, As the episode opens it’s the morning after the night before and Bobby and Ann are being driven back to their car by their new CIA friends. Once safely back in their vehicle Bobby tells Ann that he’ll beef up security on the ranch and that both she and Emma will be safe from the pesky Ochoa-Mendez cartel which is about as interesting a storyline as Elena’s turn to the dark side.
At Southfork John Ross and Pamela are having breakfast and John Ross goes haywire with a can of squirty cream. The fun ends somewhat abruptly though as Emma enters and reveals to John Ross that she’s wearing a rather revealing red swimsuit before she goes outside. Naturally the scene is witnessed by Sue Ellen who is lurking by the doorway.

The harlot!

The harlot!

Further away on the ranch Bobby and one of the ranch security men, David, are on horseback, Bobby tells him that he wants more security patrolling the ranch. At that moment David gets a call about trouble already happening and he and Bobby speed off. When they get to the scene John Ross is busy fighting Bo, the Southfork foreman (the Ewings never seem to have much luck with their foremen, Wes was a Jock imposter and Bo’s a drug dealer) who also sold Emma pills in season 2. Bo’s annoyed thinking he’ll lose his job if Jon Ross fracks. Bobby doesn’t immediately intervene though saying ‘I want to make sure John Ross learns his lesson’ (He always did like to watch a good pasting!)
Back at the house Ann and Sue Ellen are having breakfast on the balcony and talking about the forthcoming wedding when Sue Ellen voices her suspicions that John Ross and Emma are at it hammer and tongs.
Ann seems to agree that it could be possible, telling Sue Ellen ‘You were right about the pills, you could be right about this’ while Emma (the little home wrecker!) sunbathes innocently below.
Over in Mexico (yawn) Christopher is visiting Cliff in prison (great to see Ken Kercheval back-shame he’s still playing the same unrecognisable psycho that is NOTHING like his original series character) They talk and Christopher quickly gets riled. I think it’s odd how since the revelation that big Pam is dead, everyone seems to have forgotten that she ever existed, but surely for Christopher who now knows that his mother did love him and she wanted to return to Dallas to be with him, he should have more questions than ever-especially when face to face with the uncle who supposedly (and totally unbelievably) concealed her death from him for 24 years!?
Anyway, Cliff laughs that they’ve renamed the company he built (I thought Herbert built it?-something else that needs explaining clearly please Mrs. C!) to Ewing Global.
Chris leaves and outside a child runs into him and lifts his wallet at the same time. Running up the street, he passes it to two men sitting in a truck.
Next we see Nicholas and Elena (up until this point I had thought a miracle had happened and the episode would be totally ‘Elena free’ but unfortunately no such luck). Nicholas goes to see Rhonda (the lady who testified to Cliff being in Nuevo Laredo) and offers her $25,000 if she will ‘tell the truth’ about what really happened. She looks tempted and he gives her until the next day to think about it.
Back at Southfork Ann takes the initiative to go and have a word with Emma and cautions her against dressing so provocatively. Emma quickly gets stroppy and flounces inside where she encounters Pamela (now minus the cream). Pamela invites her to go shopping to pick things out for her honeymoon, upon hearing this Emma is only too glad to help (she probably wants to persuade Pamela into buying a duffle coat, fur hat and mittens to cover her love rival up!)
Elsewhere Bobby is having lunch with an old friend, Stan, who also just so happens (so Bobby thinks) to have the power to stop John Ross from fracking Southfork. However Stan tells Bobby he can’t do it, but he does give him an idea when he starts talking about projects being held up due to eco systems being threatened.
Meanwhile Bo is summoned by John Ross to Ewing Global where John Ross tells him he knows about the drugs that Bo has been dealing and he will take them to Bobby unless Bo gets on board with his fracking of Southfork. He also tells him that Jock made his first big strike in 1945 (which of course he didn’t, he was off fighting in the war and sleeping with nurse Margaret Krebbs and making Ray-another continuity cock up-Jock actually made the strike in the 30s, but what’s a little thing like details to Dallas 2.0)
Ann pays a visit to Harris at Ryland Towers (whose idea was it to have Harris’s home look grander than the inside of Southfork?) she tells him she hasn’t forgotten all the terrible things he’s done. He says despite what she thinks about him, he does love their daughter (I guess someone has to). Ann asks that Harris tell Emma about his new found calling as a freelance CIA agent but Harris says it’s too dangerous and he couldn’t trust her with it.
Later on Sue Ellen is having dinner with Bum (why hasn’t this guy got his own series yet?). She apologises to him for asking him to spy on John Ross and is worried she’s being haunted by the philandering ghost of J.R. (which she probably is, but she’s also correct about John Ross) then she mentions that Bum never told her about J.R’s cheating even though he ‘knew all the secrets’. I may be wrong and she may be talking about information Bum had gleaned while working for J.R.-as obviously he wasn’t around in the original series-but the way Mrs C and co have been rewriting history left, right and centre, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bum isn’t yet another character jammed into the history of the show.
Meanwhile in Mexico, Chris is in a shop speaking with the owner, who’s a former business partner of Nicholas who cheated him. The man tells Chris that he should search for who Nicholas was before as he has no school certificates etc. etc.
Elena (aka Dallas 2.0s most uninspired character) is at the shooting range. She tells the guy running it that she got cheated (who isn’t getting cheated on in Dallas these days?!) on by a guy and he checks the security footage (what she’s actually looking for is evidence that Cliff’s gun was stolen while he’d used the range) but finds out that the footage from the night in question is gone.
Back at Ewing Global Bum is meeting with John Ross. Bum says that J.R.’s plan was to steal the Ryland’s company, not for John Ross to sleep with Emma. John Ross says Bum should stick to doing what he’s paid to do as Emma enters, Bum leaves, and Emma removes her coat to reveal a green corset (which does look rather fetching on her I must admit).
Anyway, realising that John Ross is not going to stop his affair with Emma he goes to see Sue Ellen (who also has a nicer home than Southfork!) he admits that he lied to her about John Ross and Emma not being together and apologises.
Down in Mexico, as Chris is leaving his hotel, he gets approached by the same two guys in the truck that got his wallet (they’re not here to return it though). They say they know he’s seeking info on Trevino and ask him to go with them, ‘why would I do that?’ he asks ‘because you want answers senor’ (don’t we all!) they reply. Naturally he does go with them (he must get his reckless streak from Bobby-he’s also fond of getting into strange vehicles on request)
On Southfork John Ross is ready to begin fracking! But as he gives a speech to his new crew Bobby arrives with a secret weapon to stop him-it’s a lesser prairie chicken! (yes this scene was fun and it did remind me of original Dallas, however it’s Dallas from 1988-1991. I couldn’t have imagined Bobby solving one of his many problems with J.R. in the early years of the show by presenting him with a chicken-even a lesser prairie one!)
Anyway, as Bobby explains about how endangered the chicken is (and is native to Texas don’t you know!) it becomes apparent that this is what Bobby’s doing to stop John Ross from fracking Southfork. (Something tells me however that John Ross is hardly going to let such a small thing stop him)
If only Bobby had thought of getting the chicken involved at the start of season 1-could have saved a lot of pain and heartache

If only Bobby had thought of getting the chicken involved at the start of season 1-could have saved a lot of pain and heartache

Elena and Nicholas are in her apartment cooking, she asks if Rhonda has called and remarks that the Ewings always seem to be one step ahead (and with any luck the writers will be one step ahead and will be getting rid of her by the end of the season, along with Carmen and Drew and Nicholas) then Nicholas’s phone rings (speak of the devil and she appears!) it’s Rhonda, she agrees to meet with him. Clearly counting his chickens before they’ve hatched he races off to meet her in a deserted parking lot, but when he does Bobby is in the back of the car! Rhonda sticks to her story and Bobby tells Nicholas that the truth hurts (and the truth is that Elena and her family are the most boring characters on the show and should all leave Dallas at the end of the season) he goes back and tells Elena what happened. She says ‘maybe the Ewings will always win (let’s hope so)
Back at Southfork Pamela undresses for John Ross. Throwing off her coat she reveals a green corset (identical to the one Emma was wearing when she pounced on him at Ewing Global! To be fair though he did pounce back-the tramp had obviously encouraged Pamela to buy it knowing she was going to get exactly the same one) Because of this he’s unable to rise to the occasion leaving her alone and looking very hurt on the bed. I think they’re dumbing her down way too much-everyone knows that she’s going to find out about the affair and go absolutely spare, surely she doesn’t need to be made to look like a complete idiot in the process? Is this really the same woman that was in the boardroom of Barnes Global at the start of season 2?
Finally, Nicholas tells Elena how he feels (or how he says he feels) about her. Naturally, Elena being Elena she feels the same (a la John Ross & Christopher) and gets ready to sleep with him (something about this scene feels very wrong given that they’re supposedly as close as brother and sister-despite him being absolutely minted and not once having lifted a finger to help her or Carmen or Drew in the last two years)
Over in Mexico the chaps that Chris went with have taken him to Nicholas/Joaquin’s compound. As he gets out the car he is approached by a beautiful woman who tells him she can tell him lots about Nicholas Trevino and the reason is she’s his wife!! (and as far as we know, isn’t working for the CIA, though next week we’ll no doubt find out she isn’t his wife either)
Next Week-The wedding!

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Season 3 episode 2- ‘Trust Me’

I actually thought episode 2 started out much better than last week, it would’ve worked much better as a two parter I think (which many others have said) but by the end of the episode I was left feeling a little bit ‘meh’ about it, inspite of the return of the excellent Judith Light. Anyway, on with the episode:
Sue Ellen meets with Bum and tells him her suspicions that John Ross is doing the nasty with Emma. She wants Bum to follow him. Bum cautions against it but says he will. Sue Ellen tells Bum she was cheated on for 40 years (obviously she can’t be talking about only J.R. as they weren’t married that long, so could this be a hint as to what happened to her during the 20 year gap Dallas was off the air? Could she be referring to her 2nd husband Don Lockwood?) Bum gets out the car and then we see Sue Ellen take a swig from her hip flask (I wouldn’t say she downs it in one, but it looks to be a sizeable gulp)

Stay off the sauce Sue Ellen!

Stay off the sauce Sue Ellen!

Back at the Ryland house (which looks much grander than Southfork-hurry up with those alterations John Ross!) Harris is banging about in his study looking for his file (the one Emma stole for John Ross at the end of season 2). Emma asks what he’s doing back, then plays dumb about the file. Harris says that he might have to have her committed for her own safety. Emma gets scared and runs to John Ross who says he won’t let that happen and will have Harris sent back to jail (maybe he could share a cell with Cliff?)
Emma then does the only thing she knows how to do and climbs on top of John Ross while on a nearby rooftop kinky Bum (I never had him down as a voyeur!) takes saucy snaps of the pair (I wonder how long he was out there?)
Just a little bit to the left...

Just a little bit to the left…

Cue the excellent new opening credits (the only problem I have with them is the exclusion of Ken Kercheval who has been a Dallas player since 1978 and the inclusion of Juan Pablo Di Pace who is only on his second episode-what gives?)
John Ross then meets with Bum. Bum asks John Ross if he’s ok as he seems out of breath. John Ross tells him the elevator is broken and he had to take the stairs.
At Southfork (more like Slutfork since Emma moved in) Bobby is comparing seismic charts. He decides to have new ones drawn up. Then Ann insists he comes to bed so they can watch Duck Dynasty (unlucky, bet he wishes he was going to get some of what John Ross has had). There’s a knock at the door, it’s officer Derrick to tell him that Harris has been released from jail. Bobby’s, understandably, fuming. He and Ann go to see their attorney friend Ellis (isn’t he the one that was responsible for Vicente Cano escaping? good job the Ewings still trust him, though I bet his heart sinks every time they show up) naturally they don’t like what he tells them and Bobby says they’ll go to their senator friend instead (why didn’t they just do that in the first place?)
Over at Ewing Global Pamela sees John Ross flirting with his new secretary Candice (how many women does this guy want?!) she looks a little miffed. Nicholas then shows up and Christopher shows him there are no hard feelings (and there’ll be even less if he takes Elena, Carmen & Drew away with him when he leaves town) by inviting him to the Ewing Barbecue that weekend. (a true self made billionaire can always find time for a good barbecue!)
Later he and Elena are at her apartment while she continues to look for ‘evidence’ that the Ewings framed Cliff and they plan to put them all in jail for doing it. (I truly hope that this storyline will lead to the end of the Ramos family’s time on Dallas. All three are bland, dull and unfocused, uninspiring characters and have absolutely no reason to be in Dallas. Why would she want Bobby and Christopher, two people who have never done her wrong, put in jail-what’s Ann ever done but be kind to her?)
Anyway, John Ross goes to see Ewing Global’s seismic man, Howard Reider. He offers him a bribe for Howard to show that the shale is within john Ross’s surface rights.
Back at Southfork Pamela is by the pool when John Ross finally arrives home she says they were supposed to make a decision about the centrepieces for the wedding, then tells him off for being ‘all over’ his secretary in the office (if she thinks that’s bad she should see what he did to Emma!) before telling him “If I find out you’ve been stepping out on me, God’s wrath will be the least of your worries” (I don’t know what God has to do with John Ross sleeping around but Tommy Sutter knows only too well what can happen when Pamela gets riled!)
pam john ross 45
On the ranch Christopher sees Heather, she’s angry about the forthcoming fracking on Southfork. He tells her it’s John Ross’s fault (the snitch) then, naturally, he placates her by inviting her to the Ewing barbecue (an invite to the Ewing barbecue can placate all manner of ills, death, fire, robbery etc etc) I don’t get why she wouldn’t already be invited though, she works on Southfork and the Ewings give invites out like candy.
On the day of the barbecue we see Carmen fussing in the kitchen (please Mrs. C just get rid) when Elena comes in and tells her Joaquin will be there and they can’t reveal they know him. Carmen is angry, but goes along with it all the same.
Back at Ryland towers Harris is in his office when he hears a thumping sound in the corridor. He withdraws his gun and prepares to fire when Judith enters, followed by Emma (I’m totally confused as to where she actually lives. First she was in England, then Ryland towers, then Southfork, then Ryland towers and now she seems to have rooms at both addresses) “Let’s not shoot Mommy on her first day home!” Judith tells him. It’s strange but Judith looks younger this season than she did in season 2. She looks just barely older than Harris. Could they really be mother and son?
She tells him she’s removed him as the head of Ryland Transportation. He tells her about his business with the drug dealers, she tells him to set up an appointment. “It’s time to renegotiate” she says.
Back at Southfork the barbecue (wildly enjoyed by all 10 people there) is in full swing. Two familiar faces are missing and that’s Ray and Lucy. They were there at the first season barbecue so why aren’t they at this one? (I’m wondering if it’s a budget move so that when they appear at John Ross and Pamela’s wedding they can be onscreen for longer than 5 seconds apiece)
Pamela sees John Ross flirting with another young woman (this guy’s incorrigible!) to get her own back she dances with Nicholas (who’s no doubt loving the fact that while Elena’s slaving away to take down the Ewings he gets to eat their food, drink their beer and dance with their wives)
Bum tells Sue Ellen that John Ross didn’t go anywhere near Emma.
Elsewhere on the ranch Bobby meets with Howard who tells him about the bribe John Ross gave him. Bobby lets him keep it. At the BBQ Christopher and Nicholas are talking. Nicholas tells Chris he’s impressed with the team at Ewing Global (er, what team?) especially Elena Ramos (hahaha! as if, is this the same Elena that hasn’t really done anything since appearing in Dallas in 2012?)
In the kitchen Nicholas enters, Ann leaves and Carmen tells him “if you’re leading either of my children into the darkness, not even St Christopher will be able to save you” (as he wears a St Christopher’s medal round his neck)
Back outside Nicholas wants Elena to show him the sights of Dallas (hopefully they won’t come back) following this Heather can no longer control her attraction and kisses Christopher. She tells him she’s interested when he’s ready (give him 2 seconds to get over Elena)
Back in Bobby’s study (previously known as the dining room) Howard tells Bobby and John Ross that the shale is within John Ross’s surface rights. Christopher tells them he has something on Nicholas and says that he and Cliff probably never worked together before but something must link them together (try Elena!)
John Ross says he’s fracking Southfork (it’s a pity that when Miss Ellie said to Bobby no drilling on Southfork she neglected to say ‘and don’t let any of your future wives touch my house!)
Elena thinks she’s found a juicy morsel in an email from Rhonda Simmons (the women who testified to Cliff being in Nuevo Laredo the night J.R. was shot) Bum and John Ross meet. Bum tells John Ross that J.R. cheating on Sue Ellen was a sin (amen!) and that he should grow into his father’s greatness not his weakness.
Speaking of Nuevo Laredo Judith and Harris are in town to meet with one of Harris’s shady new pals. Here’s where it gets a bit silly as Judith encourages the guy to frisk her in quite a sexual way (I guess Emma must take after her) before getting her head down and doing a couple of lines of cocaine (not sure this fits into Dallas) “Hot damn. Mama like!” she proclaims. Harris (travelling at the speed of sound) is soon back in his office when he reveals he had a tape recorder on him which picked up the whole conversation. Then he gets a call around the same time Bobby does from his senator friend Joe McAllister.
Driving out of Southfork Bobby and Ann are stopped by two cars. A man gets out, reveals a gun and says they have to go with them (of course they do, no questions asked whatsoever-not that Bobby should be worried, the guy’s come back to life once, he can do it again)
In some darkened room (how much does a bulb cost nowadays) Bobby and Ann come face to face with CIA agents who then reveal that Harris is working with them to bring down the Mendez-Ochoa cartel (personally I find this a bit of a ridiculous twist). Harris tells Ann that her and Emma’s lives will be in danger if the cartel finds out that he’s now working with the CIA!
The X Files 2.0

The X Files 2.0

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Season 3 episode 1-The Return

Bobby laments at the graves.

Bobby laments at the graves.

And they’re off! So begins another 15 episodes of Dallas that will make up season 3. I think, like a lot of others have also said, that this season will be the make or break one for Dallas 2.0. and sadly, if the season opener is anything to go by, I think it will be the breaking of it.
Can it survive the death of Larry Hagman and the character of J.R. Ewing, who loomed large over the show throughout it’s original 13 year run and forever afterwards? Of course only time will tell and fan and critic reaction to the new season seems to be pretty mixed. Here’s my take on it.
The episode opens hours after the end of season 2 (which saw John Ross and bratty Emma fall, disappointingly, into bed together). 12 hours later they’ve managed to get a good night’s sleep (judging by the look of them) and are busily ensconced in looking at Judith’s power of attorney which will grant Emma control of Ryland Transport if Harris becomes incapacitated (nothing against Mitch Pileggi or Emma Bell, but I wish they both were-permanently-the characters that is, not the actors).
Bobby, on the other hand, is at the Ewing family graveyard, to visit with Miss Ellie, Jock (whose grave must be empty since his body was never recovered from the swamp his helicopter crashed into in the original series), J.R. and Miss Ellie’s parents. It’s strange how Garrison isn’t buried there too since his grave is also on Southfork and was seen in the original series.
Anyway, he gives his (totally incorrect) speech about being the only one left. Good job Gary’s still MIA from Dallas otherwise he’d probably be quite hurt about being airbrushed from his own family’s history. Gary was there in the backstory as having grown up alongside Bobby and J.R. so it’s another lapse (of knowledge or judgement) of the creative team of Dallas 2.0 to get this detail wrong. Also not forgetting Ray who was the only brother who actually physically resembled Jock.
Manwhile randy John Ross meets with Bum (I personally would still be at least a little cheesed off with the man who shot my father dead-even at his request-but John Ross doesn’t seem to hold a grudge) Bum gives John Ross J.R.’s belt buckle-and a legend is born anew!
John Ross goes home to Southfork and presents Pamela Rebecca with a massive diamond ring and proposes. It’s a scene that should feel romantic, but I thought it fell flat. He doesn’t seem in the least bit sincere about being in love with her while he’s still cheating with Emma.
The best surprise of the episode came with the new opening credits. I had no idea until last night that they were being returned to the original three way split screen. It’s interesting how such a small change can make such a big difference and it really helped to make the show feel like the original Dallas (until the credits ended anyway)
dallas season 3 credits
Next we see John Ross looking at blueprints J.R. had apparently given the nod to before Bum shot him to renovate Southfork but Bobby disagrees that they alterations should be made. I think it’s very odd here how Bobby talks to John Ross (or should that now be J.R. mark II?) about history. But neither mention the fact that Ann supposedly ripped out the insides of Southfork only a few years before-so if he didn’t care then, why should he care now!) personally I hope the renovations do happen. The new Southfork interior is truly awful and has not in the least bit grown on me since the series first started in 2012.
Then we see Christopher (alone with his miracle-grow beard) chopping wood while going over the traumatic events he’s recently been subjected to. Elena, Christopher’s former paramour and totally pointless character, is in Mexico. She meets with Cliff Barnes after having a flash back to the end of the last series where she supposedly discovered that J.R. had apparently cheated her father out of his oil rich land. This is of course nonsense. Elena, Carmen, Drew and anyone else they bring in have no place being on Dallas-they aren’t a part of it, they never were, they never will be. All three are bland, uninteresting, uninspired and totally, totally, pointless. Please Mrs C get rid of them!
Anyway, Elena (yawn) tells Cliff she’ll be his proxy at Barnes (now Ewing) Global. Cliff tells her he spent his life building that company (we’ll have to take his word for it since the origins of that company are as muddled as his character being turned into a remorseless psychopath)
Elena tells Cliff she’s not thinking of it as revenge, she’s thinking of it as ‘justice’ (Er, against who exactly? Given that J.R. the one who started all the trouble is dead and Bobby and Christopher have, pretty much, always been good to her)
Back at Southfork there’s wedding plans afoot as Ann, Pamela and Sue Ellen sit around a table by the pool. Afton hasn’t been invited (naturally since she’s an original character that the fans would actually like to see!) so it’s just the ladies of the ranch. Emma (the tramp!) then joins them and acts very sweet to Pamela Rebecca despite harbouring her dirrrttyyy secret! Pamela Rebecca is, of course, bound to find out and once she does Emma will (hopefully!) be joining Tommy Sutter in an unmarked grave.
Elena then turns up, she and Christopher talk, he tells her he’s sorry, she tells him they’re broken, they need time to fix it. She says she only came back to pack (but she isn’t going very far sadly) Chris tells her ‘it’s been your home since you were nine years old (er, no it hasn’t) and ‘it’s your home too!’ (er, no it isn’t)
Next we’re treated to a scene featuring Carmen, who somehow manages to be even more pointless a character than Elena and Drew. Why we’ve had to have them forced on us when they were never in the original no matter how many times we keep getting told they were and now Mrs C and Co. insist on pushing them more and more. Next the show will be getting renamed Ramos.
Anyway, over at Ewing Global, the team are in the boardroom pushing plastic ships across a map-when (who else?!) but Elena walks in acting all sweetness and light. Unfortunately for us (and the Ewings) they let her stay. The Ewing Global set also now boasts a new portrait of J.R. which certainly looks a lot better than the last one, but still, for me anyway, doesn’t quite reach the iconic heights of the Jock portrait from the original.
Back to the story though, Nicholas Trevino enters, he’s a Mexican billionaire apparently and former foster son of Carmen and her late husband and former foster brother of Drew and Elena (seriously, who cares about them?) He tells the Ewings that he’s there as Cliff’s proxy and that they can’t start selling off bits of the company without a ‘supermajority’. They look collectively cheesed off.
Later on Southfork John Ross, who is quite keen on fracking the land and has discovered that the oil under the ranch has risen to the surface, where he has the rights overriding Bobby and Gary’s mineral rights (I like the way Bobby remembers he has a brother again when it suits him!) Bobby tells John Ross, ‘you’re not half the man your daddy was!’ (ouch! He really knows how to kick a man when he’s down)
In the main house (or big house as Ray used to call it) Sue Ellen catches John Ross coming out of Emma’s room, he tells her she looks like she saw a ghost (just like what Bobby said to Pam when her magic shower brought him back to life in the original) she says ‘for a minute there I thought I did’ then mother’s intuition tells her that junior is up to no good.
and, almost, lastly Harris Ryland is out of jail and in deep trouble with Mexican drug dealers who tell him Emma will pay if he doesn’t continue his nefarious activities with them-he should just let Judith handle it, she’s more than a match foe them I’m sure.
Finally (in flashback) Elena drives to Joaquin’s cardboard house, and entering he is revealed to be none other than…(gasp!) Nicholas Trevino! I think it must be one of the most pointless reveals in the history of the new Dallas. It was about as obvious as Cliff Barnes turning out to be Pamela Rebecca’s father. Joaquin/Nicholas tells Elena ‘we’ll get justice for our family-trust me’ while caressing her head.
What I don’t understand is that if Elena had such a good pal in Nicholas why didn’t she go to him in the first place when she needed cash? In fact why didn’t she get him involved when the Ewings needed money to finance Ewing Energies and she was still on good terms with them? Couldn’t he have helped Drew out too if he has so much money and clout?!
Anyway, while watching the episode I really felt like this is the beginning of the end for the show. Granted it’s very early into the season, but the episode seemed to lack that spark, that bit of magic. With J.R. gone (Larry Hagman’s absence was very keenly felt), Pam gone and Katherine dead and virtually no hope of seeing any other favourite original characters back how long can Dallas really survive?
Next week-Judith!
If you’ve read this all the way to the end many thanks, I really appreciate it. Please feel free to add a comment or two and tell me what you thought.

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Dallas season 3-What we know so far…

dallas seas3
In just over one week Dallas will be back on our screens. I, for one, am apprehensive about what it will be like. I know there’s already yet another rewrite to established history and that’s when, in the opening episode, Bobby visits the graves of Miss Ellie, Jock (which must be empty unless his body floated to the surface of that South American swamp) and J.R. to proclaim that he’s the ‘only one left’ which is of course hogwash as fans of the original will know that there is also Ray (who will make another 1 second appearance in season 3) and Gary (who inexplicably vanished with long suffering wife Val in season 2-neither have been seen since and fans are worried about them-please contact the police with any sightings).
Anyway, I’m getting off track, though I’m a bit late with this I thought I’d round up all the news titbits I’ve read elsewhere:
90210 star Anna Lynn McCord will appear playing new character Heather, a ranch hand, who gets spicy with Christopher. I’d never heard of her before but having seen a photo of her in question I do think she at least looks the part.

There is set to be another Southfork wedding-I think this can only be for John Ross and Pamela Rebecca (the murdering fraudster turned Dallas saint) this has all but been confirmed.

Apparently Bobby will have a rough patch in his wedding to Ann (who can blame him? personally I’ve grown to quite like Ann but she’s no Pam, or even April for that matter) and may be tempted to cheat with either a saucy newcomer or an old flame (Jenna Wade? Jeanne O’Brien? April and/or Pam back from the dead?) Personally I would love it if Jenna returned (played of course by Priscilla Presley) but knowing how clueless, about what the fans really want to see, the production team on Dallas 2.0 are I can only think that it will be YET ANOTHER new character! Isn’t it funny how Cynthia Cidre says there’s only so much screen time etc etc for the old characters but there seems to be no shortage of time for her to continue introducing the bland and charisma-free characters that Dallas 2.0 is churning out with increasing regularity.

That said though thank God they are bringing back the excellent Judith Light as Judith Brown, Harris Ryland’s much feared, and very crazy, mother. I think she should be brought centre stage as the main Ewing villain and that Harris & Emma should both be written out ( along with pointless characters 1, 2, & 3 namely Carmen, Drew and Elena-who serve absolutely no purpose in Dallas whatsoever)

Speaking of those two though I came up with the craziest theory that Elena and Drew could be J.R.’s illegitimate children, thus explaining why they’re at the ranch and why J.R. supposedly invited Carmen to move in! (of course he did, can’t the writers get any detail about the characters correct?-Don’t even get me started on what they’ve done to Cliff Barnes)

Anyway…there are several new trailers online for the new series showing the main characters bathing in oil, parts do look interesting, but Dallas was never meant to be the high octane glam fest its being turned into. It’s a family saga revolving around the Barnes Ewing feud.

Yet ANOTHER new character is set to make his debut this season (of course there’s no time to bring back any original characters-thanks CC!) Nicholas Trevino-played by Juan Pablo Di Pace-who is some kind of mysterious billionaire (yawn!) haven’t we been here already plenty of times before? Why the hell can’t they bring back Jeremy Wendell? If anyone would still have an axe to grind against the Ewings it would be him or Katherine! But of course neither will be seen again in Dallas and why? Because Cynthia Cidre and the production team on Dallas 2.0 prefer to pretend they don’t exist! Despite how popular they were with the fans and how much we’d like to see them back on screen. Work out the logic in that decision if you can.

Apparently Sue Ellen is going to hit the bottle again and may be tied to the mid-season cliffhanger which will reference the original series (sounds like a car accident to me!) if it was anyone else but Linda Gray doing it I would say that it was a bad idea but I think I’d actually like to see this just as long as it doesn’t drag on because-again-it’s been done already!

John Ross continues his affair with Emma (another character that should swiftly disappear along with Harris Ryland) though why any man would want to cheat on Pamela Rebecca is a mystery to me.

Afton & Cliff are both back (played by Audrey Landers & ken Kercheval respectively. Also Steve Kanaly (Ray) and Charlene Tilton (Lucy) return-in too short cameos no doubt- but always good to see original characters back. Now can we have some more please!

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Is Southfork going to get a makeover?

I’ve just spotted this on the Dallas Facebook page. Basically it’s from ‘John Ross’ asking what people would like to see done to Southfork should he remodel it, so sounds pretty interesting if alterations are to be made. Personally I’d like to see the interior put back to how it was in the original series, and I don’t mean looking exactly the same but all the rooms back where they were to begin with but with modern furnishings. One of the things that has bugged me the most since Dallas 2.0 started is the way the inside of Southfork has been gutted and altered. If it is put back (or made to look more like a millionaire’s home) I for one will be very happy indeed.
sfork remodelled

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Bring Back Katherine Wentworth!

Just adding my two cents worth to the rising clamour out there to bring Katherine Wentworth back to Dallas. The last time the viewers saw Katherine was when she visited Pam in the hospital following that fiery car accident. Vowing to get everything Pam had she was seen off by Bobby after failing to convince him that she had been sick (in the head) but had since gotten better. That was in 1987 and she hasn’t been seen since. However she has been heard of. In season two of Dallas 2.0 Bobby explaining, to Christopher and John Ross, the share breakdown of Barnes Global casually drops it into the conversation that Katherine is dead. That was certainly news to us viewers and with no other details being given many fans are now eager to see Katherine resurrected and back in town to wreak havoc with the Ewing family and her hated brother the newly psychopathic Cliff Barnes.
Dallas 2.0 show runner, Cynthia Cidre, has herself stated (in an interview with William Keck of TV Guide) that she isn’t sure if Katherine is really dead and that Cliff could have been faking her death. Let’s hope so because I think that having her back, especially if she teamed up with Cliff (even with the aim of stabbing him in the back later on) would be such an excellent pairing and if she’s the reason that Cliff has turned so nasty would be, in my opinion, even better.
The actress who played Katherine, Morgan Brittany, has I think come up with the best idea of all-in an interview with Dallas Divas that Katherine and Cliff have formed a love/hate alliance and con in order to crush the Ewings once and for all. With more and more new characters being introduced into Dallas at the expense of the old favourites (who appear in literally blink and you miss them cameos) a reappearance by such a beloved villain as Katherine would be truly priceless. So, if you’re reading this Mrs. Cidre please bring back Katherine! (and Morgan Brittany-a recast will not do!)
(More about bringing back Katherine can be found at Dallas Divas and also view a great interview with Morgan Brittany) and also (View the Facebook campaign here)

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Dallas Season 2 DVD special features

dallas dvd menu
Happy New Year! I recently bought the Dallas season 2 dvd boxset and I thought, for the benefit of those who haven’t yet bought it, I’d go through the special features to give a better idea of what they are disc by disc. (Please note if you don’t want to know what they are until you get your own copy, please do not continue to read)
On disc one: we have Dallas Fashion File 201-203 hosted by Jordana Brewster with Rachel Sage Kunin as they go through the various wardrobe items. Personally I find these the least exciting of all the special features but I can also see why they’d be popular with some.
dallas fashion1
Also & more importantly (for me anyway) there are the deleted scenes. On episode one there are 5 deleted scenes. The first one is Bobby & JR talking about Sue Ellen and how Bobby making the cloud drive of JR’s nefarious schemes was a good thing for him (while the hideous portrait of Jock & Miss Ellie can be seen in the background)
bobby & jr chat
Second is the real Becky Sutter in a bar being approached by John Ross, who pretends not to know who she is & vice versa.
becky sutter & john ross talk
Third is a bedroom scene featuring John Ross (who else) and Becky Sutter as he tries to get her to turn against Christopher befor she gives him short shrift and tells him to leave (unbeknownst to her John Ross has bugged her purse)
john ross becky sutter in bed
Fourth is a short scene featuring John Ross and JR in which JR urges John Ross to help Christopher in his annulment battle.
john ross jr talk
Lastly is another scene between John Ross and Becky Sutter in which he reveals a recording he has of her leaving a voicemail for Tommy and tells her she’s now with him.
john ross b sutter
On episode two there is one scene of Elena having a meeting with Mr Huntsman to discuss her buying up his used oil rigs. (He’s wondering why)
elena meeting2
Episode three also has one scene, showing Chris and Elena talking about Tommy’s blood being found in Pamela’s condo. Then Bobby & Drew come in, Drew wants to buy the land that his father used to own (does anyone care?)
Episode four’s deleted scene is a four way featuring Carmen, Christopher, Elena and Drew. Bobby has been bailed pending the shooting of Ryland (I like Mitch Pileggi very much but the character just doesn’t do it for me as a Dallas villain) The head of the Dallas committee of transportation wants to cancel Christopher’s race & Elena & Drew (two of my least favourite characters of Dallas 2.0) are starting to drill around the salt dome (yawn) on the Henderson land.
On disc two there is the extended cut of J.R.’s Masterpiece (I thought this was a really good idea and hoped to perhaps see some original cast members who were cut out of the final version due to time constraints but, of course, I was disappointed to find nothing like that, it’s pretty much just some dodgy subplot about a Mexican criminal and more speeches at J.R.’s funeral.) One speech by Drew is especially laughable as he claims J.R. himself visited him in prison to offer words of encouragement!!! The only time J.R. would have visited someone in prison would be to get something for himself and use blackmail (and of course as the Ramos family didn’t even exist before Dallas 2.0 and are not a part of Dallas history it’s very hard to imagine any of it taking place (Check out Carmen’s speech for more of the same nonsense). The new scenes add absolutely nothing, in my opinion, to the episode sadly.
There’s also the extended cut with a commentary (I have yet to listen to this fully) another nice idea.
Dallas Fashion Files 204-206 follow:
Finally there are more deleted scenes:
On episode five there is a scene of Christopher going mad on a punch bag, Drew enters and they talk about various things, Drew being hard on everyone when his father died etc.
chrisdrew punchbag
The next scene is one of Ann Ewing entering a plea of ‘Not Guilty!’ to the charge of attempted murder of Harris Ryland.
The next scene features Lou, Christopher and Elena leaving court with Lou advising Christopher that he needs to keep calm or he’ll end up the loser in his legal battle with Pamela.
Fourth is a scene at Southfork in the awful living room (hopefully the whole interior will soon get put back how it was) with Bobby, Ann, Lou and Sue Ellen discussing Ann’s trial when Lou gets a message. A voiceover informs us that Harris Ryland has been called to the stand.
Episode six has one scene of Sue Ellen and John Ross having a conversation at Ewing Energies. Sue Ellen asks if John Ross set Drew up to create an opportunity for himself.
Episode seven’s scene is again with John Ross & Sue Ellen (thank God they used Linda Gray much more in season 2) as they discuss the forthcoming car race and Sue Ellen’s proposed manipulation of Gary (it looks very doubtful but really hope to see Gary & Val back in season 3 & hopefully for longer than 2 seconds!)
Disc Three has one of the special features I was most looking forward to seeing, a 28 minute clip of the Dallas at Paley Fest special. I was unable to watch it first time around so it was great to see it now (a shame that the whole thing wasn’t included but what there is, is certainly better than nothing)
There’s also the Fashion Files 207-209:
And more deleted scenes! From episode nine there is a scene of Bobby and Ann talking about Miss Ellie (another controversial and, in my opinion, stupid move by the production team of Dallas 2.0) leaving half of Southfork to John Ross and Bobby is still mad Ann didn’t tell him that she had a daughter who was kidnapped (the viewer doesn’t care-why should he?!)
The next scene is Elena and Christopher talking. He tells her that John Ross now owns half of Southfork. Elena tells Christopher that she isn’t bothered anymore about her loss of Ewing Energies shares and that Drew still wants their family land (that would be the land that doesn’t exist seeing as how the Ramoses never existed in the original Dallas)
The third scene is again Chris and Elena talking. Chris congratulates Elena on getting the (non existent) Ramos land back but tells her he hasn’t given up trying to get her Ewing Energies shares back.
On episode 11 there is a really nice scene of Bobby and Ann talking about Pam and Harris. Of all the deleted scenes this is my favourite. (Bobby’s reaction is only believable while he still believes that Pam abandoned him and Christopher but it doesn’t hold true, as many have said, once he finds out the truth and just brushes it off as though Pam meant nothing to him.
There is also a scene where Bobby, John Ross and Christopher talk to a man from the bank and aim to get him to not call in the loan they have following the fine placed on the company by Tesha.
On disc four there is an interesting mini doc-The Battle for Ewing Energies: Blood is thicker than oil. In which the cast talk about the scheming that abounds in Dallas 2.0, Larry Hagman’s (and J.R. Ewing’s) passing and J.R.’s master plan.
There’s also a featurette-Memories of Larry Hagman: A cast and crew tribute. In which the cast & producers talk about their memories of the late, great Mr Hagman and also their experiences of working with him.
Lastly (for the featurettes anyway) there’s ‘one last conversation with Larry Hagman’ where he talks about returning to the iconic role of J.R. Ewing in Dallas 2.0.
In the last of the deleted scenes, from episode 14 there’s a scene of Bobby, Ann and Emma leaving the police station. Harris approaches, Bobby tells him he will take him down. Bobby asks Emma if she knows anything about Ryland’s business that could help them.
Finally from episode 15 there’s a scene featuring John Ross, Christopher and Carlos Del Sol. They talk about planting the gun and belt buckle to frame Cliff. They realise that Carlos Del Sol is the only person who would have the power to get a plane moved and have the money to pay people off just as Carlos himself walks up. Carlos then meets with Bobby just before he goes to see Cliff in his cell.
Though there is a lot I dislike about Dallas 2.0 it is a great collection of extras that has been put together. If only the extras on the original series sets had been as good!

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