Dallas season 3-What we know so far…

dallas seas3
In just over one week Dallas will be back on our screens. I, for one, am apprehensive about what it will be like. I know there’s already yet another rewrite to established history and that’s when, in the opening episode, Bobby visits the graves of Miss Ellie, Jock (which must be empty unless his body floated to the surface of that South American swamp) and J.R. to proclaim that he’s the ‘only one left’ which is of course hogwash as fans of the original will know that there is also Ray (who will make another 1 second appearance in season 3) and Gary (who inexplicably vanished with long suffering wife Val in season 2-neither have been seen since and fans are worried about them-please contact the police with any sightings).
Anyway, I’m getting off track, though I’m a bit late with this I thought I’d round up all the news titbits I’ve read elsewhere:
90210 star Anna Lynn McCord will appear playing new character Heather, a ranch hand, who gets spicy with Christopher. I’d never heard of her before but having seen a photo of her in question I do think she at least looks the part.

There is set to be another Southfork wedding-I think this can only be for John Ross and Pamela Rebecca (the murdering fraudster turned Dallas saint) this has all but been confirmed.

Apparently Bobby will have a rough patch in his wedding to Ann (who can blame him? personally I’ve grown to quite like Ann but she’s no Pam, or even April for that matter) and may be tempted to cheat with either a saucy newcomer or an old flame (Jenna Wade? Jeanne O’Brien? April and/or Pam back from the dead?) Personally I would love it if Jenna returned (played of course by Priscilla Presley) but knowing how clueless, about what the fans really want to see, the production team on Dallas 2.0 are I can only think that it will be YET ANOTHER new character! Isn’t it funny how Cynthia Cidre says there’s only so much screen time etc etc for the old characters but there seems to be no shortage of time for her to continue introducing the bland and charisma-free characters that Dallas 2.0 is churning out with increasing regularity.

That said though thank God they are bringing back the excellent Judith Light as Judith Brown, Harris Ryland’s much feared, and very crazy, mother. I think she should be brought centre stage as the main Ewing villain and that Harris & Emma should both be written out ( along with pointless characters 1, 2, & 3 namely Carmen, Drew and Elena-who serve absolutely no purpose in Dallas whatsoever)

Speaking of those two though I came up with the craziest theory that Elena and Drew could be J.R.’s illegitimate children, thus explaining why they’re at the ranch and why J.R. supposedly invited Carmen to move in! (of course he did, can’t the writers get any detail about the characters correct?-Don’t even get me started on what they’ve done to Cliff Barnes)

Anyway…there are several new trailers online for the new series showing the main characters bathing in oil, parts do look interesting, but Dallas was never meant to be the high octane glam fest its being turned into. It’s a family saga revolving around the Barnes Ewing feud.

Yet ANOTHER new character is set to make his debut this season (of course there’s no time to bring back any original characters-thanks CC!) Nicholas Trevino-played by Juan Pablo Di Pace-who is some kind of mysterious billionaire (yawn!) haven’t we been here already plenty of times before? Why the hell can’t they bring back Jeremy Wendell? If anyone would still have an axe to grind against the Ewings it would be him or Katherine! But of course neither will be seen again in Dallas and why? Because Cynthia Cidre and the production team on Dallas 2.0 prefer to pretend they don’t exist! Despite how popular they were with the fans and how much we’d like to see them back on screen. Work out the logic in that decision if you can.

Apparently Sue Ellen is going to hit the bottle again and may be tied to the mid-season cliffhanger which will reference the original series (sounds like a car accident to me!) if it was anyone else but Linda Gray doing it I would say that it was a bad idea but I think I’d actually like to see this just as long as it doesn’t drag on because-again-it’s been done already!

John Ross continues his affair with Emma (another character that should swiftly disappear along with Harris Ryland) though why any man would want to cheat on Pamela Rebecca is a mystery to me.

Afton & Cliff are both back (played by Audrey Landers & ken Kercheval respectively. Also Steve Kanaly (Ray) and Charlene Tilton (Lucy) return-in too short cameos no doubt- but always good to see original characters back. Now can we have some more please!

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