Bring Back Katherine Wentworth!

Just adding my two cents worth to the rising clamour out there to bring Katherine Wentworth back to Dallas. The last time the viewers saw Katherine was when she visited Pam in the hospital following that fiery car accident. Vowing to get everything Pam had she was seen off by Bobby after failing to convince him that she had been sick (in the head) but had since gotten better. That was in 1987 and she hasn’t been seen since. However she has been heard of. In season two of Dallas 2.0 Bobby explaining, to Christopher and John Ross, the share breakdown of Barnes Global casually drops it into the conversation that Katherine is dead. That was certainly news to us viewers and with no other details being given many fans are now eager to see Katherine resurrected and back in town to wreak havoc with the Ewing family and her hated brother the newly psychopathic Cliff Barnes.
Dallas 2.0 show runner, Cynthia Cidre, has herself stated (in an interview with William Keck of TV Guide) that she isn’t sure if Katherine is really dead and that Cliff could have been faking her death. Let’s hope so because I think that having her back, especially if she teamed up with Cliff (even with the aim of stabbing him in the back later on) would be such an excellent pairing and if she’s the reason that Cliff has turned so nasty would be, in my opinion, even better.
The actress who played Katherine, Morgan Brittany, has I think come up with the best idea of all-in an interview with Dallas Divas that Katherine and Cliff have formed a love/hate alliance and con in order to crush the Ewings once and for all. With more and more new characters being introduced into Dallas at the expense of the old favourites (who appear in literally blink and you miss them cameos) a reappearance by such a beloved villain as Katherine would be truly priceless. So, if you’re reading this Mrs. Cidre please bring back Katherine! (and Morgan Brittany-a recast will not do!)
(More about bringing back Katherine can be found at Dallas Divas and also view a great interview with Morgan Brittany) and also (View the Facebook campaign here)

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6 Responses to Bring Back Katherine Wentworth!

  1. Mike G. says:

    Whats up Dude, looks like we’re nearing Season 3! Glad to see you back on here so we can chat about this stuff again. I’m looking forwrad to it. I’m not sure about where you live, but I live in Dallas, and sometimes hear people talk. I have heard that Priscilla Presley (Jenna Wade) might very well return this year to cause issues for Bobby and Ann. I agree with you so much. Cliff is going to start the season off in prison, so to me, that’s the perfect time for Katherine to make her way into the scene. Katherine somehow gets Cliff out of prison, then Cliff, Katherine, Elena, and her friend from Mexico can team up to battle the Ewings. Dude, we need to be writing for this show.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Mike, good to hear from you, thanks for the comment. I’m not based in the US though I have lived there in the past, must be great living in Dallas and hearing bits of news about the show and the build up to it. I hope Jenna does return, I think the more original characters they bring back the better. I liked the way that Pam’s storyline was finally resolved but I’d still like to see her return (even if played by another actress) just to have the character back. I think without J.R. Pam is the only other essential character that could keep the show afloat but I do think we really need to see Katherine, Gary, Val etc back but the direction the show seems to be taking worries me that it’ll be less and less of the original characters and more and more of the new characters. I really like your idea for Katherine to get Cliff out of prison. Between them they must have more money and power than most people would see in several lifetimes. It would be awesome to write for the show-I wonder if they have vacancies!

  2. Andrew Hass says:

    Bobby may have just assumed Katherine is dead but she could still be alive.Plus the statute of limitations of her trying to kill Bobby has probably expired because i think the statute for attempted murder is 15 years.Plus it could be interesting to see how Christopher would react to having his aunt back.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for reading and the comment, I really appreciate it. I think there is definitely a place for Katherine to come back, she was a great Ewing enemy first time around, her story was never properly resolved and it would make much more sense for her to be behind Cliff’s trip to the dark side than it is for him to just have become evil for no apparent reason whatsoever. Morgan Brittany seems like she’d be willing to reprise her role if asked. I don’t understand the producers of the show who have all the pieces there in front of them to make a winning show but yet somehow don’t seem able to fit the jigsaw together.

  3. Ian fishwick says:

    Hello everyone. Re’ the debate on Katherine Wentworths return. You may be interested to know that years ago when Larry Hagman visited this country, circa 2004 -2006 area I think, I had a long discussion with him about Dallas, and at the time he was convinced the show would never come back. We discussed her character, and he asked me to let the producers know – IF it ever came back on beyond his death that they should grant his wish of instead bringing back Morgan Brittany as her villainess is the next most iconic baddie in it! When he died during its return I kept my promise and sent a letter to Cynthia Cidre via the head of her company to let her know. Ken Kercheval also knows this – I told him last year at the Lowry Theatre in Salford, and loved the idea of her return. My phone no is 07739399587 – I won’t reply to a email as I rarely use it!

    • Dan says:

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for reading and the comment, I appreciate it, apologies for the lateness of my reply. Wow that’s very interesting! I would really like to see Katherine make a return, she has unfinished business in Dallas, could be the cause of Cliff’s ridiculous, and unexplained, turn to ‘evil’ and would also provide another, and much needed, valuable link to the past which the show badly needs more of. Sadly the producers seem clueless when it comes to what the fans want to see, if Dallas does get cancelled (and I hope it gets renewed for at least one more season) it won’t be for the lack of fans trying their best to let the producers know what would work on the show.

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