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Happy New Year! I recently bought the Dallas season 2 dvd boxset and I thought, for the benefit of those who haven’t yet bought it, I’d go through the special features to give a better idea of what they are disc by disc. (Please note if you don’t want to know what they are until you get your own copy, please do not continue to read)
On disc one: we have Dallas Fashion File 201-203 hosted by Jordana Brewster with Rachel Sage Kunin as they go through the various wardrobe items. Personally I find these the least exciting of all the special features but I can also see why they’d be popular with some.
dallas fashion1
Also & more importantly (for me anyway) there are the deleted scenes. On episode one there are 5 deleted scenes. The first one is Bobby & JR talking about Sue Ellen and how Bobby making the cloud drive of JR’s nefarious schemes was a good thing for him (while the hideous portrait of Jock & Miss Ellie can be seen in the background)
bobby & jr chat
Second is the real Becky Sutter in a bar being approached by John Ross, who pretends not to know who she is & vice versa.
becky sutter & john ross talk
Third is a bedroom scene featuring John Ross (who else) and Becky Sutter as he tries to get her to turn against Christopher befor she gives him short shrift and tells him to leave (unbeknownst to her John Ross has bugged her purse)
john ross becky sutter in bed
Fourth is a short scene featuring John Ross and JR in which JR urges John Ross to help Christopher in his annulment battle.
john ross jr talk
Lastly is another scene between John Ross and Becky Sutter in which he reveals a recording he has of her leaving a voicemail for Tommy and tells her she’s now with him.
john ross b sutter
On episode two there is one scene of Elena having a meeting with Mr Huntsman to discuss her buying up his used oil rigs. (He’s wondering why)
elena meeting2
Episode three also has one scene, showing Chris and Elena talking about Tommy’s blood being found in Pamela’s condo. Then Bobby & Drew come in, Drew wants to buy the land that his father used to own (does anyone care?)
Episode four’s deleted scene is a four way featuring Carmen, Christopher, Elena and Drew. Bobby has been bailed pending the shooting of Ryland (I like Mitch Pileggi very much but the character just doesn’t do it for me as a Dallas villain) The head of the Dallas committee of transportation wants to cancel Christopher’s race & Elena & Drew (two of my least favourite characters of Dallas 2.0) are starting to drill around the salt dome (yawn) on the Henderson land.
On disc two there is the extended cut of J.R.’s Masterpiece (I thought this was a really good idea and hoped to perhaps see some original cast members who were cut out of the final version due to time constraints but, of course, I was disappointed to find nothing like that, it’s pretty much just some dodgy subplot about a Mexican criminal and more speeches at J.R.’s funeral.) One speech by Drew is especially laughable as he claims J.R. himself visited him in prison to offer words of encouragement!!! The only time J.R. would have visited someone in prison would be to get something for himself and use blackmail (and of course as the Ramos family didn’t even exist before Dallas 2.0 and are not a part of Dallas history it’s very hard to imagine any of it taking place (Check out Carmen’s speech for more of the same nonsense). The new scenes add absolutely nothing, in my opinion, to the episode sadly.
There’s also the extended cut with a commentary (I have yet to listen to this fully) another nice idea.
Dallas Fashion Files 204-206 follow:
Finally there are more deleted scenes:
On episode five there is a scene of Christopher going mad on a punch bag, Drew enters and they talk about various things, Drew being hard on everyone when his father died etc.
chrisdrew punchbag
The next scene is one of Ann Ewing entering a plea of ‘Not Guilty!’ to the charge of attempted murder of Harris Ryland.
The next scene features Lou, Christopher and Elena leaving court with Lou advising Christopher that he needs to keep calm or he’ll end up the loser in his legal battle with Pamela.
Fourth is a scene at Southfork in the awful living room (hopefully the whole interior will soon get put back how it was) with Bobby, Ann, Lou and Sue Ellen discussing Ann’s trial when Lou gets a message. A voiceover informs us that Harris Ryland has been called to the stand.
Episode six has one scene of Sue Ellen and John Ross having a conversation at Ewing Energies. Sue Ellen asks if John Ross set Drew up to create an opportunity for himself.
Episode seven’s scene is again with John Ross & Sue Ellen (thank God they used Linda Gray much more in season 2) as they discuss the forthcoming car race and Sue Ellen’s proposed manipulation of Gary (it looks very doubtful but really hope to see Gary & Val back in season 3 & hopefully for longer than 2 seconds!)
Disc Three has one of the special features I was most looking forward to seeing, a 28 minute clip of the Dallas at Paley Fest special. I was unable to watch it first time around so it was great to see it now (a shame that the whole thing wasn’t included but what there is, is certainly better than nothing)
There’s also the Fashion Files 207-209:
And more deleted scenes! From episode nine there is a scene of Bobby and Ann talking about Miss Ellie (another controversial and, in my opinion, stupid move by the production team of Dallas 2.0) leaving half of Southfork to John Ross and Bobby is still mad Ann didn’t tell him that she had a daughter who was kidnapped (the viewer doesn’t care-why should he?!)
The next scene is Elena and Christopher talking. He tells her that John Ross now owns half of Southfork. Elena tells Christopher that she isn’t bothered anymore about her loss of Ewing Energies shares and that Drew still wants their family land (that would be the land that doesn’t exist seeing as how the Ramoses never existed in the original Dallas)
The third scene is again Chris and Elena talking. Chris congratulates Elena on getting the (non existent) Ramos land back but tells her he hasn’t given up trying to get her Ewing Energies shares back.
On episode 11 there is a really nice scene of Bobby and Ann talking about Pam and Harris. Of all the deleted scenes this is my favourite. (Bobby’s reaction is only believable while he still believes that Pam abandoned him and Christopher but it doesn’t hold true, as many have said, once he finds out the truth and just brushes it off as though Pam meant nothing to him.
There is also a scene where Bobby, John Ross and Christopher talk to a man from the bank and aim to get him to not call in the loan they have following the fine placed on the company by Tesha.
On disc four there is an interesting mini doc-The Battle for Ewing Energies: Blood is thicker than oil. In which the cast talk about the scheming that abounds in Dallas 2.0, Larry Hagman’s (and J.R. Ewing’s) passing and J.R.’s master plan.
There’s also a featurette-Memories of Larry Hagman: A cast and crew tribute. In which the cast & producers talk about their memories of the late, great Mr Hagman and also their experiences of working with him.
Lastly (for the featurettes anyway) there’s ‘one last conversation with Larry Hagman’ where he talks about returning to the iconic role of J.R. Ewing in Dallas 2.0.
In the last of the deleted scenes, from episode 14 there’s a scene of Bobby, Ann and Emma leaving the police station. Harris approaches, Bobby tells him he will take him down. Bobby asks Emma if she knows anything about Ryland’s business that could help them.
Finally from episode 15 there’s a scene featuring John Ross, Christopher and Carlos Del Sol. They talk about planting the gun and belt buckle to frame Cliff. They realise that Carlos Del Sol is the only person who would have the power to get a plane moved and have the money to pay people off just as Carlos himself walks up. Carlos then meets with Bobby just before he goes to see Cliff in his cell.
Though there is a lot I dislike about Dallas 2.0 it is a great collection of extras that has been put together. If only the extras on the original series sets had been as good!

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