Season 3 airdate

The airdate for season 3 has been announced as: February 24th 2014. Apparently the season is to be split into two halves, with one half consisting of 8 episodes to be aired from Feb, then a break, and the remaining seven will be aired in the summer. I think this is a bit of a gamble on TNT’s part as the future of the show is already uncertain depending on how fans react to the first full season without the late Larry Hagman’s iconic villain J.R. Ewing being seen on screen. If fans love it they’ll tune in and if they don’t then they may not bother coming back for the second half when it returns in summer. Having said that, the first season of Dallas 2.0 did very well in the summer 2012 slot and so perhaps this is a canny ‘hedging of bets’ type move to see if they should move the show back to a summer airing as it has not performed as strongly when shown during the winter.
I will be watching the first half, but if I wind up getting as frustrated with the generous liberties the producers take with well loved characters and history from the original as I did watching the first two seasons I doubt I’ll be back for more.

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3 Responses to Season 3 airdate

  1. Dallas 1.0 Pam & Bobby forevere says:

    It’s not gonna work without Pam’s character. I wish Cynthia had more concern for viewers than for Victoria and ignored Victoria’s idea that Pam’s character should be a “Juliet” (She didn’t want someone to replace her in a role she didn’t want – duh). It’s laughable that a person had that much control of the writer. Her death written in is just not possible with the return of a series based on she and Bobby. First episode where they married started it all; all the conflicts began with them. Pam’s death (if not corrected) will end it all. Ignore Victoria and PLEASE TRY TO MAKE IT RIGHT AGAIN.

    • Dan says:

      The original certainly was a different show post-Pam in the last four seasons. For me, though I’m sure not for everyone, it really felt as though something was missing. Pam is the missing piece of the jigsaw here I feel but I don’t think the producers have the slightest interest in trying to recapture Dallas of old. They seem to have their sights set on turning it into something unrecognizable to fans of the original and crucifying the legacy in the process.

    • Dan says:

      I agree that, sadly, the producers don’t seem to have much concern for the views of the fans. Sure they’re trying to make a good show, but for them that means ignoring what people have been asking them to do for the last two years and unfortunately season 3 looks set to continue this trend. Bummer.

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