Season 2 episode 13-Love & Family

Do you John Ross Ewing III take thee Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing Sutter...

Do you John Ross Ewing III take thee Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing Sutter…

The final part of last week’s double bill-Love & Family gives us more to think about (and more to dislike). The episode opens with the allies (Christopher, Bobby, Sue Ellen & John Ross) discussing ways of ‘getting’ Cliff (or Stepford Cliff as I will call him from now on as he is in no way like Cliff really is, the Cliff from the original Dallas. Where are you Cliff? bring back Cliff! We want Cliff!)
They decide to let Little Pam in on their secret, namely that if Big Pam turns out to be dead, Christopher will get her shares in Barnes Global (I also doubt very much that Big Pam is even aware that she has such a windfall heading her way-given that Barnes Global was not even in existence when she was last seen-although we’re supposed to accept now that it was in existence and was founded by Rebecca Barnes-Wentworth though God only knows when and how-that’s anyone’s guess. Anyway, Little Pam says she has no shares in the company, leading to her going to lunch with Cliff while John Ross makes a sneaky back door exit when the befuddled OAP shows up at Pamela’s ridiculously security free penthouse unnanounced.
Over lunch he gives her two things: Katherine’s share of Barnes Global (As if he would even be able to do that, Katherine hated Cliff with a passion. Ditto with him giving her Katherine’s earrings which, he says, she willed to him. The only way I can think he would get possession of any object of Katherine’s (if they are hers) is that he either stole them or Stepford Cliff had her murdered and is now lying to Pamela how he got them. (Check out Morgan Brittany’s interview on the Dallas Divas Derby site. When asked what she thinks Katherine would do if she came back to Dallas she says that Katherine would have a big score to settle with Cliff (Morgan knows it! Why don’t the producers?) But now we’re supposed to accept that Katherine is dead (though I think this could possibly be a red herring-finger’s crossed Katherine shows up next season-played by Morgan Brittany) and that she left Cliff her share in Barnes Global and her massive earrings.
Also in the episode-John Ross and Pamela get married-I like John Ross and Pamela as a couple but I can’t understand what the logic was in having her go after Christopher to con him instead of John Ross? John Ross would have been the single one at the time (as Christopher was engaged to Elena) and so surely Pamela would have had much more success pursuing him and would then have been in a much better position to spy on Chris’s technology. The wedding seems like bad timing to me, when it could have been built up much more had it happened in season 3.
Anyway wedding aside, Elena and Carmen meet with Drew (who fled last episode) and they hear him out (sadly though he doesn’t even try to talk them into leaving with him-I wish all three would vanish) and Elena keeps this meeting a secret from Christopher.
The hunt for Pam Ewing continues and appears to have a breakthrough when Christopher is emailed a pic of a woman in a bank in Zurich. The woman is thought to be Pam, and she’s wearing a massive hat (which means that it can’t be Pam as she never wore hats-Katherine on the other hand did and personally I would like to see Katherine return though Morgan Brittany has confirmed she hasn’t been approached by the producers (why? when we all know she should have been). Katherine is the one character that I wouldn’t be able to accept a recast of, Morgan brittany plays the part so well, has so much knowledge about the character and about Dallas, nobody else could play Katherine so well and so believably. Chris and Elena hop on a plane to find Pam.
As the episode ends, Cliff takes over Ewing Energies. It seems the Ewings had taken out a $200 million bank loan, which no one knew about, and had already defaulted on it (are these people really rich?) leading Cliff to buy the loan and thus take possession of the company. AS Bobby walks out, Cliff says to his back ‘I can just see the look on JR’s face right now’ ‘so can I’ Bobby replies with a massive smirk on his face.

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