Season 2 episode 11-Let Me In

Guv'nor McConaughey intends to take the Ewings to task.

Guv’nor McConaughey intends to take the Ewings to task.

Again another quickie, just to catch up on my episode reviews before tonight’s season finale! (will Pam ewing return? Who will turn out to be JR’s killer? Will Dallas get a third season?)
Anyway, at the start of the episode Christopher loses his rag and breaks the baby crib he’d been making (not suprising really considering he and Pam have now lost the twins she was carrying). John Ross phones Pamela to see how she’s doing (er, not good! is the answer). She lies and tells him her mother is looking after her, when in reality she sent Afton away a good few weeks before (I have a real problem with this, why would she have sent her own mother away at a time when most daughters would need their family around them? They got on well at the hospital and I don’t believe it’s in either Afton’s or Pamela’s characters to do so, more like it’s yet another ‘blink and you missed it’ cameo appearance from a much loved member of the original cast so that we viewers continue to be convinced that yes, this is Dallas we’re watching)
Anyway, it’s clear that she isn’t coping well.
TESHA refuse to believe that the Ewings aren’t to blame for the rig explosion and fine them $1 billion. (I’m not at all sure where they’ll find that kind of money but it shouldn’t be too hard considering how fast they set Ewing Energies up, in about 6 weeks, from empty office space to thriving offices with multi-million dollar cash flow). Bobby gets angry and tells the chap from TESHA ‘stick it up your ass!’ (Nice one Bobby!-he seems to have gotten a lot more aggressive since JR died).
Harris takes Emma for a drive and shows her a, very beaten, Drew and make her promise to stop seeing him (preferably when Drew leaves the series she’ll go with him and they’ll take Harris along for the ride too). Emma says she will, which obviously means she won’t-but will sneak around to see him instead until Harris finds out which will lead to an even bigger beating for Drew and more odd bedtime stories for Emma.
The best thing I can say about ‘Let Me In’ is the introduction of new Ewing enemy Governor McConaughey (played by Steven Weber). I like the character already and personally I think he’s much more convincing than Harris Ryland who I’ve never been able to see as anything more than an annoying fly the Ewings could swat away anytime they wanted (no offence to Mitch Pileggi who is an excellent actor and, so I’ve been told by someone who has met him, a very kind person)
The episode ends with the Guv’nor seizing the Henderson land on which the Ewings were drilling. What will happen next!

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2 Responses to Season 2 episode 11-Let Me In

  1. Mike says:

    I was kind of crushed to learn that Pam was gone, not what I was preferring. I do like the fact that only JR could defeat JR, AND what is going on with Season 3? First, it’s reported everywhere that season 3 is a go by Patrick Duffy and that producers have been given the green-light for another season. Now, Bobby is saying he’s hopeful for another season. Really? This is irritating. I assume it will come back, the ratings aren’t nearly as big a deal as people are making them out to be. For the time-slot it’s in, it’s carrying it’s weight and achieving what TNT wants, but why no word from TNT at all????

    I will say this, if they wanted last night to be a series ending episode, it would have worked. Loose ends for JR and Pam are put to bed, and the Ewings are united. I will say this, and I called it on this very website. I said the only way Elena makes sense to stay is as a villan, and that she will now be thanks to Cliff giving her that info. I called it!

    • theewing says:

      Hi Mike,

      Good to hear from you. You did call it, and it’s awesome you called it on this site! I’d be interested if they do get a season 3 to see where they go with it, but I really think Dallas is at an end, and it’s not a bad ending, the Barnes Ewing feud ended (again, for the second time in 25 years), JR gone but not forgotten, Pam’s death confirmed as 24 years ago and peace, just about, at Southfork again. I’m not sure it will be renewed and that’s why it’s ended like it has.

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