Season 2 episode 12-A call to arms!

I KNOW it was you Cliff!

I KNOW it was you Cliff!

This episode aired as the first in a double bill which will see Dallas season 2 brought to a climax some weeks before it was originally scheduled to end (April 29th). In it, we learn more about the search for Pam Ewing (wife no. 1) Pamela Barnes finds out Cliff was responsible for the explosion on the rig and subsequent death of the unborn twins she was carrying at the time (check out her expression when Cliff tells her it’s maybe for the best that they did die as having them would have tied her to the Ewings for life-is this guy really Cliff Barnes?-please see my post ‘Has Cliff Barnes gone senile’ for more on my thoughts about the mistake the producers are making in taking Cliff down a path he would never go down in the first place)
With that in mind Cliff, Harris and the Guv’nor join forces to take down the Ewings (I don’t buy Cliff as a villain at all, I buy Harris as one even less than that and the Guv’nor is about the only one I could actually see taking them down and with his political clout it will be interesting to see what he does next)
Another thing that bothers me about Cliff, and has since the series started last year, is that the guy is a billionaire and owner of many many companies, why on earth does he even give a fig about the Ewings anymore and if he wants them out the way so badly, and he has shown he’ll stop at nothing to get rid of them, why hasn’t he hired a couple of mafia goons to wipe them out or used his business clout to shut them down? It seems increasingly unlikely to me that he’d even go to the lengths he has to get rid of them. With the kind of money and power he has it must be a hell of a lot simpler to take care of than he’s been making it-the whole thing with his character is awful, rewriting of established history, ruining a perfectly good character and turning him into some kind of murderous fruitcake are nonsensical moves by the production team and I can’t, for the life of me, understand why they’d want to do it.
The search for Pam Ewing continues and Christopher is shown two cheques-on one the signature of ‘Pamela Barnes’ (surely though that should be Pamela Monahan as the name Pam was going by when last seen in 1988) and the other signed by a ‘Patricia Barrett’ and guess what? They match! ooohhh.

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