Season 2 episode 10 Guilt & Innocence…

Look who's back!

Look who’s back!

…AKA the return of Afton Cooper! (and other things).
I’m bringing this to the table very late and most of the leading websites on Dallas have published their reviews for this episode a long time ago, so this will be more of a my thoughts on the episode rather than a straight up review per se.
The episode kicked off following the previous episode’s cliffhanger of a bomb (constructed by Drew-detonated by Roy-on the orders of Cliff) having exploded on the Ewing Energies methane rig.
All the Ewings are gathered at the hospital, Bobby forgives Ann for keeping long-lost daughter Emma a secret (though now that he’s got to know her a bit better he probably wishes Ann still was keeping her a secret)-though beautiful and played by an obviously talented actress (Emma Bell) the character does nothing for me whatsoever and hopefully will disappear again next season.
Anyway, Pamela and her twins are in mortal danger, Christopher has some important decisions to make on her behalf-despite the fact that Pamela is fully conscious so could make them herself but for some reason isn’t allowed to (sexist!).
John Ross slips out and calls former Dallas siren and current songstress (and Pamela’s mother) Afton Cooper! to come and help her daughter. She comes and dotes on her daughter and even finds time to slip in a quick song while Pamela writhes on the bed in agony.
Also Judith, who took a nasty tumble down the stairs of the Ryland mansion, winds up in the same hospital as everyone else. One thing leads to another and Ryland soon has her carted off to a ‘secure’ location (hope she’ll be back!)
At the end of the episode, following emergency surgery, Pamela loses first one, then the other of her twins. The final shot of the neo natal heart rate monitor flatlining is one of the most memorable episode endings on Dallas this season.
Now my questions about the episode:
-Sue Ellen’s hostility towards Afton is understandable, after arriving in Dallas for Lucy’s wedding to Mitch, (Afton’s brother) way back in 1981 Afton slept with JR in Sue Ellen & JR’s bed the tramp! Then when Cliff tried to kill himself at the end of the 4th season (5th on DVD) they tussled again as Afton told Sue Ellen at the hospital ‘Cliff is MY man!’-so no bother there, but why exactly is Bobby annoyed with her? He tells Afton in the waiting room: ‘Sheathe the claws Afton, you’ve caused enough trouble in the past.’ Really Bobby, when? Let’s not forget that it was Afton who found Bobby sprawled on his office floor with bullett holes in his body and called the ambulance, saving Bobby’s life-nice to be appreciated eh?
-Why is Afton so hostile towards Christopher? Fair enough she thinks it’s his fault her daughter and unborn grandhcildren have been injured, but what about Pamela’s two year plot to scam Christopher and the Ewings of their money? Her identity theft of Rebecca Sutter and murder of Tommy Sutter? I can only assume that Afton knows nothing of any of this as it would be rather too strange of her to show up at the hospital and be angry at Christopher when Pamela has done many bad things herself (and poor old Christopher isn’t even to blame!)
Finally, I like the scene where Bobby gets the report saying Pam travelled to Abu Dhabi in 1989 with an uknown man who was assumed to be her husband. Ann says to Bobby ‘I thought you were finished with her Bobby’. ‘So did I he’ he replies. (Wrong! Bobby, the Ewings and fans of the Pam character will never be finished with the first Mrs Bobby Ewing!-here’s hoping tonight’s finale brings her back to Dallas!)

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