Dallas season 3

Linda Gray, Jesse Metcalfe & Patrick Duffy have a look at the scripts for season 3.

Linda Gray, Jesse Metcalfe & Patrick Duffy have a look at the scripts for season 3.

While no official announcement from TNT has yet been made regarding Dallas being picked up for a third season, Patrick Duffy has said in an interview with the New York Daily News that there will be another series.
With that in mind, here’s what I would like to see should it happen:
1) A new Southfork interior that much more closely resembles the Southfork interior of Dallas 1.0
2) Pam Ewing (hopefully) back in some form (though the next two episodes will determine if she’s alive or dead)
3) More mentions of original characters-such as Jenna, Charlie, Lucas, Donna etc etc.
4) Any chance of seeing Sly-even in one of the 5 second cameos Dallas 2.0 is so good at.
5) More Ray, Lucy, Gary & Val. They would all fit in so well as they have already in their all too brief appearances.
6) Some episodes with a slower pace. Dallas doesn’t always suit the breakneck speed of the episodes.
7) Some acknowledgement that John Ross has two brothers-even if not seen, just a mention.
8) An end to the rewriting of established history and erasing of beloved characters.
9) The writing out of characters like Elena, Carmen, Drew, Emma & Harris.
10) Judith Light back as Judith Brown Ryland.

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40 Responses to Dallas season 3

  1. Mike says:

    I absolutely agree with most everything up there. I think it’s clear based on how season 2 is ending that Drew is a goner, and for good reason, if I hear the word “Papi” again I’m going to need medication. I think they’re trying to turn Emma into a new Lucy Ewing, but her character makes NO sense to me. She’s everywhere, angry, sweet, HIGH, slut, etc….maybe the show is trying to establish how messed up she is from Harris and wicked grandma, but either way, her character just seems to be stuffed and forced into the story (she is hot though). Elena can go also, if it werent for her relationship with Christopher she would be 100% pointless, I think she makes more sense as a villan if she has to be on there.If Patrick says a season 3 is a go, then I buy it, he would know and doubt he would say it if unsure, thank God. I was desperately hoping it would come back.

    Appreciate this website, loving chatting about the greatest tv show of all time.

    • theewing says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comment and the kind words. I really appreciate that you take the time to read and comment on what I’ve written, we can chat about Dallas anytime. I totally agree with what you’ve said re: Drew’s overuse of the word ‘Papi’ I too will need pills of some kind to nock back if that continues much longer. When the series first started I didn’t mind Elena and her mom too much, but they’ve grated on me more and more as the series progressed and now I just can’t see the point of them, especially Carmen and as you’ve said without her relationship with Christopher Elena is pointless anyway and it seems like Drew’s already reached the end of the road with his character (hopefully). I’d really like to see all three of them replaced with some of the original characters such as Ray, Lucy, Donna etc etc. I also hate the fact they’ve been forced in and we’re told they’ve been there since the original even though they haven’t. It would have been a much better idea (someone wrote this on another site, I think it was DDD) if Teresa had been in the Carmen role, then it would be quite believable that her children would also have been at Southfork.

  2. Mike says:

    So true, I remember a lady named Teresa, and a guy named Raul. Why not just say that Elena is Teresa’s daughter (at least that would tie in)? I do not recall at any time from 1978-1991 anyone named Carmen. I thought it was actually kinda funny how during JR’s funeralElena made a speech about what JR said to her when her father passed…made up! It’s frustrating enough that the majority of history is being left out, but let’s please not start making stuff up…that you can get passed on new viewers, but not veterans such as you and I that have watched the show for most of our life.

    • John says:

      I completely agree about Elena’s speech at J.R.’s funeral….totally ridiculous. As for Carmen, well, I think I can explain. Drew is 31. He would have been born around 1981 or probably 82. He told Emma he was 8 when his family came to America, that would have been around 1990, in the last year of the old series. So possibly Carmen didn’t go to work for the Ewings until her husband died when Drew was 11, which would have been 1993 or so. Now, if the father died in 1993, J.R. was supposedly still in Europe then. I wish they’d stick to the history and stop adding stuff that never happened or that doesn’t fit the chronology.

      • theewing says:

        Hi John,

        Thanks for reading and the comment. You and me both on wishing the established history would be stuck to. Originally I thought they said Carmen moved to the ranch in the late 80s, 1987 or so, but you could be write as they seem to rewrite their own rewrites and as the Ramoses are nowhere near as popular as I think the producers were hoping they’re maybe revising their origin story. I just don’t understand why when they could have had Elena and Drew as Teresa’s children (and made them a whole lot more believable as Teresa was seen in the original series) they decide to try and jam three characters into the history of the show. It’s things like that, and the rewriting of Cliff’s character and changing of the Southfork interior that really get me rankled.

  3. theewing says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the comment. I agree, I also found it grating with what Elena said at JR’s funeral, especially as I know JR said nothing to the Southfork household staff besides asking for coffee, bacon or something else, but he never enquired into their private lives, nor would he have had any interest in it. He would surely have considered them beneath him and as such would have had nothing to say to them.

  4. Gary Warner says:

    I believe Cally Ewing had a daughter. Thus, John Ross would have a brother and a sister, not two brothers.

    • theewing says:

      Hi Gary, thanks for the comment. I checked the episode this morning, Cally had a son. JR is told by the private detective who finds Cally after she leaves JR and Southfork, and JR says so himself. Just to leave the viewer in no doubt, the baby is dressed in blue clothes. Maybe he has a daughter some other place, but Cally’s baby with JR is definitely a boy.

    • John Walden says:

      No, J.R. found Cally and her baby son in 1991. So the child J.R. fathered by her was a boy.

    • John says:

      No, Cally had a son by J.R.

  5. Bring on the new season….can’t wait to see it.

    • theewing says:

      Hi Linda, thanks for reading and the comment. I think it will be interesting if it is renewed to see where they go with it, but I think as I’ve read a few other people say today, the season 2 finale really feels like the end of Dallas. I just can’t see where they’d go with it.

      • John Walden says:

        There are plenty of directions to go with it. Cliff can somehow get out of prison, and the fact that he was framed for J.R.’s murder would make him more determined to destroy the Ewings. Also will be interesting to see how John Ross and Pamela’s marriage plays out and where his affair with Emma will go. Perhaps more appearances by old characters such as Afton, Ray, Lucy, and more from Gary and Val. Perhaps Bobby can get a visit from his only biological son Lucas who has finally learned the truth that Bobby and not Ray is his father. Maybe J.R.’s son by Cally could show up to lay claim to part of J.R.’s fortune. Will also be interesting to know if Christopher will ever forgive Elena. I mean, if I was writing this show, there are a million ideas I have about plots that could carry the series for the next couple of seasons.

      • theewing says:

        Hi John,

        Thanks for the comment. I like your ideas for the third season. I have a lot of ideas myself, as do a lot of the other fans, but sadly we’re not writing the show and the people who are aren’t, in my opinion, doing a very good job of it, which is why I don’t think the show will survive. One only has to look through some of the many forums on Dallas to see great ideas for plots and storylines developing, but the person who is in charge of Dallas seems to pay no heed to what the fans actually want and, again in my opinion, Dallas is a very lacklustre show because of it.

  6. Dianna says:

    I agree elana needs to go! Pamela is a great new addition and I even like Emma, but the whole Ramos family is a distraction. So happy Pam is dead as Anne is perfect.

    • theewing says:

      Hi Dianna, thanks for the comment. I must admit I think Ann will go down better now that Pam has been confirmed as dead as she will no longer be in Pam’s shadow, so to speak, and may be able to find a fan base of her own.

      • Maurine says:

        I love Anne Ewing! She has the spunk Ms Ellie had. As for Elena, I can’t stand to watch her because of her facial expressions. She is always frowning. I love this new Dallas and cannot wait for Season 3.

      • theewing says:

        Hi Maurine,

        Thanks for commenting. If there is a season 3, and I still think it’s looking doubtful, I hope to see the back of Elena for good (along with Carmen and Drew). It isn’t just that they’ve been wedged in and the viewer has been asked to swallow a load of rubbish about them being in Dallas since the original, it’s also that, in my opinion anyway, all three are bland forgettable characters whose link to the Ewings is very weak indeed. If the show does get renewed I hope Cidre and co. sit down for a much needed meeting and get the show back on track starting with the erasing of the most forgettable characters on the show.
        I too like Ann. I must admit I wasn’t crazy about her at first, but when she shot Harris is when my feelings changed (it’s just a shame he pulled through).

    • John Walden says:

      I don’t like the fact that they wrote the Ramos clan into the show with a long history with the Ewings that, they make it seem like, dates back to the 80s. Would have made more sense to bring back Teresa (the original Ewing maid) and make Elena her niece or something who maybe came to live with her at Southfork after her parents died.

      • theewing says:

        Hi John,

        Thanks for commenting. I don’t like the Ramos clan at all. As you’ve also said, it makes no sense for them to just appear and then we, the viewers, are told that they’ve been there since the 80s and we should just accept that and believe it. It seems very weak to me. I also don’t know why, like you’ve said, they couldn’t have been related to Teresa, it would make much more sense for them to have been at Southfork all those years.

  7. Leann says:

    I don’t agree that Harris needs to written out. He is a good character for the show. One of my favs, actually. And, they need to get Cliff out of jail.

    • theewing says:

      Hi Leann,

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t know what it is, but Harris just doesn’t do it for me as a convincing villain. It’s not that Mitch Pileggi is to blame, he’s a great actor, I’ve just never come to see the character as anything other than an annoyance that the Ewings could step on with ease. I don’t feel he measures up to the other Ewing nemesi (if that’s the right word) such as Carter McKay and Jeremy Wendell. I much prefer his mother Judith. I think she’s much more interesting.

    • Christian says:

      I vouch for that as well, I like Harris’ character alot, I certainly hope Cliff isn’t out of the picture as since J.R. is out he’s going to be one of my prized jewel characters to watch if he can unstiffen a bit in emotions like he did in the older series.

      Even if I didn’t quite like her in the old series I was very pleasantly surprised to see Afton. I understand that they hope to bring new people in to entice new viewers but man do I like seeing old faces ie. Callie and Holly, too bad April died as I really liked her, I like it when they give us (Dallas TV vets) easter eggs!

      • Dan says:

        Hi Christian,

        Thanks for reading and the comment. I think Cliff will probably be back, either directing things from jail or getting out somehow. I can’t imagine that the production team of Dallas 2.0, even though they seem to be pretty reckless with doing away with original characters, would be so daft as to kill off JR, Pam and Cliff, but then again who knows. I would also like to see many of the original characters returning, particularly Ray, Gary, Val and Lucy. I’d like to know why Gary and Val disappeared so suddenly in season 2. Such appearances where the characters are reduced to little more than cameos are pointless in my opinion and just a cynical move by the producers to try and keep viewing figures up (a la claiming Pam was about to return to Dallas when the opposite was true and CC and co knew it the whole time)

  8. John Walden says:

    I agree with everything you said. Although I LOVE the new Dallas and it’s still my favorite show just as it’s been all my life, there are some things that could make the show much better. Such as changing Southfork back to the old layout. I’d also love to see more of the old characters (I was disappointed that we didn’t even get to see Gary and Val reconcile and leave together) such as Ray, Lucy, etc. I also wish the show moved at a slower pace. I miss the old scenes like when Donna and Bobby or Ray and Bobby or Pam and Sue Ellen would just be out riding or having lunch and just having small talk that has nothing much to do with the episode. Those were the moments that helped make Dallas so special. The new series moves too fast. I also don’t like these short seasons. 10-15 episodes just isn’t enough. Why don’t they do the seasons like they use to, from the fall until the next spring??

    • theewing says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for commenting. I wanted to like the new series, and when it first started I did, probly for most of the first season, but then the numerous changes (the layout of Southfork, pacing of the episodes, lack of original characters-as you’ve also said above-made it too jarring for me. The show not only looks different, which could be expected after a 20 year gap, but it feels different too. If Dallas had been on the air for the last 20 years, it would’ve evolved naturally, but to be dropped in it after the producers have tried to evolve it has been very jarring for me, and for others too I think. I also think that, despite what Ms Cidre said originally, she really doesn’t understand the appeal of the original at all as, in my opinion, the production team keep cocking things up left right and centre. Obviously that’s not all her fault, but as the chief executive producer on the show the ‘buck’ really has to stop with her. If the show is renewed, I hope a lot of things will be put right. Dallas can be a great show, but I fear at the moment it’s in the wrong hands.

  9. Mikie says:

    How can we get the attention of TNT that we WANT A SEASON 3 !???????

    • theewing says:

      Hi Mikie,

      Thanks for the comment. I would only like a season 3 if some changes are made, the inclusion of original characters, Southfork interior being changed etc. and until those things are done, I really don’t see the show surviving. A show like Dallas survives by keeping its old viewers happy while attracting new ones with a young, good looking cast. The problem with the new Dallas is that it has the young cast but a lot of the original fans have switched off because of being spun yarn after yarn by the producers about what is promised which then later turns out to be blatantly untrue (for example them saying that everything that happened in the original is considered ‘bible’ to the new series-clearly an outright lie judging by how history and established characters, Cliff especially, have been changed and absolutely no decent explanation given.

  10. JOE KERR says:


  11. RL says:

    Hi, I hope it’s not too late to jump in. I was looking for news regarding a 3rd season when I found this article. Do we know for sure yet? And my own two cents re the new Dallas:
    1. Damn, but I still miss Larry Hagman!!! JR was the greatest rascal ever!
    2. I like Anne too.
    3. I like Pamela/Rebecca, and I liked her with John Ross. Hence the finale of season 2, which saw John Ross hopping into the sack with Emma after marrying Pamela, was aggravating. NOT just because I like he and Pamela (they have good chemistry), but because it struck me as so out of character for him. While John Ross may be his father’s son in the business world, he’s always been good to the women in his life; before Elena dumped him, he was devoted to her, and all through season 2, he seemed to genuinely care for Pamela. There was no indication he was deceiving her. So the way he so cavalierly jumped into bed with that unstable, drug-abusing nympho, Emma, just didn’t seem believable to me. I realize soaps need to keep the drama going, but it was like John Ross was a completely different character.

    • theewing says:

      Hi RL,

      Thanks for your comment and thoughts, it’s never too late to jump in. Dallas has been confirmed for a third season and the most recent info I could find was a comment from Patrick Duffy that filming would begin in September, then that comment disappeared so I don’t know if that’s still the case but if the season is going to show in Jan/Feb time again I’m guessing it will be. JR was the greatest rascal ever and Larry Hagman gave such an unforgettable performance as him, they will both be very sadly missed. Anne is definitely a character that is growing on me and I think will continue to do so now that we know for sure that Pam will not be coming back into the show (though personally I liked the exit that was written for her, but I would still like to see the character back-it was a different show when Pam was written out of the original and I think it would be much better if she was brought back-Victoria Principal or not). Yeah I too didn’t get why John Ross had to cheat on Pamela so soon with Emma (personally I don’t like the Emma character at all, though I do like the actress), it might’ve worked when JR did it, but that was decades ago and I think John Ross should go about things in a different way.

  12. Deede Townsend says:

    PLEASE bring Dallas back and soon not next year, I also am disappointed about John Ross cheating on Pamela the way it was written I agree that it didn’t fit his character. And please make the seasons longer and hopefully
    continueing for many years to come. thanks for listening. A SUPER Dallas fan, Deede T.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Deede,

      Thanks for reading and the comment. I would enjoy Dallas a lot more if small changes were made, such as the inside of Southfork going back to how it was and established show history not being rewritten so carelessly. I don’t think Cynthia Cidre and her team quite have the right mix of the old and the new, though I will be interested to watch the new season when it starts next year.

  13. Ro says:

    Love the show. So glad of the comeback of Dallas and I don’t care what happens just bring it back and please get the original characters back in the story line. That is what the viewers what I believe.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Ro,

      Thanks for reading and the comment. I’m right with you on wanting the original characters back in it. I would love to see more back, I think they, not the bland new characters CC and co have dreamed up, will be the key to Dallas’s longevity and success.

  14. Jaime Platt says:

    Please! Please! Bring Dallas back! I still see many good opportunities to make the show better. The new characters are just great. It has flowed a little rough, but I can see an opening for better things to come, just don’t give up!

  15. Tony says:

    I also love the new Dallas. It is excellent that it is not a reboot but a continuation (most reboots tend to fail). It is a pity that JR (Larry) died as he was so much the central character to the show. Dallas could easily have been renamed JR Ewing!

    However, we are lucky that most of the main characters are still alive and we can see more of them. Here are some wishes for the new season:

    WestStar Oil/Carter McKay/Windell: JR spent a lot of his final years in the last seasons of the original trying to take control of this company. In fact, he being tricked out of control of it at the end of the 1990-1991 season is what caused his depression that we saw in the first season of the new series. I would like to see an explanation of what became of it and tie it somehow into how Barnes Global became so powerful would be excellent. An appearance by Carter McKay and Jeremy Windell would be excellent. We knew very little of Windell’s private life (he kept this very much private), so we could have Windell’s son appear (Windell was apparently not ever married but he could have had a son that he kept strategically placed for the future) to take revenge on the Ewings and Carter McKay (who collaborated to take down Windell who went to jail in 1988). McKay and Bobby were friends by the end of the series in 1991 so McKay (who had a love/hate relationship with the Ewings) could reprise his role of setting up Windell (he knows his secrets) and his son for the Ewings again.
    Jenna and Donna: Ray appeared in the new series but we know nothing of his personal life. It would be good to see Jenna appear with him and also an appearance from Donna. It would be interesting to note what all 3 characters have been doing since the original series.
    Katherine Wentworth: Cliff I predict will not be in jail for long. How about he teaming up with his half sister and also self declared enemy of Bobby? Bring in some help from Harris Ryland (who also gets off) and Windell.
    Bobby’s love life: If Jenna was to come back, it would bring memories back for Bobby. It would be interesting for Carter McKay to come in as a cameo role as mentioned and then bring back his daughter Tracy as a vital business ally for the Ewings (and of course she is also Bobby’s ex girlfriend). With the Ewings and McKays against an alliance of Windell/Barnes/Ryland, Tracy’s emergence and close relations with Bobby could prove a strain on Anne and Bobby will have to come up with something to keep things smooth for all!
    Dusty Farlow: Dusty of course was also a major WestStar shareholder and had done a deal with McKay to keep out JR. Now with JR gone (and Sue Ellen a major Ewing Energies player), Dusty could also be brought in to help the Ewings/McKays against their enemies (and they could fall in love again). Plus, some explanation of Clayton’s death could be given.
    Wes Parmalee (called Ben Stivers in the dream season): remember the guy who was supposed to be Jock? What if we had a similar person arrive claiming to be JR? Because only Larry can be JR, this – like Parmalee’s character – would of course be a fraud. But have him working for someone like Cliff this time!
    Others: James Beaumont, Michelle Stevens, Jack Ewing, etc. also played pivotal roles in the first series. It would be good to see these and what they have been doing. Unfortunately, Dack Rambo who played Jack is dead. Also, it would be good to have seen more of Cally and Mandy and an explanation of what they have been at too. Also, it would be nice to see Jory – the girl who was the stepdaughter of April’s killer and good friend of Bobby – again and see what she is doing.

  16. Janice says:

    When is Dallas 2013 ever going to be released?

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