Is Pam Ewing coming back to Dallas?

After last night’s double dose of Dallas 2.0 we have been left with an intriguing mystery regarding the fate of the original Pamela Barnes Ewing (aka Mrs Bobby Ewing aka wife No.1).
What we did find out is that while Christopher instructed a Ewing family lawyer to create a death certificate and declare her legally dead it turns out she may be alive after all and living in Zurich (Have a look at this enlarged screencap-click on it to make it bigger-I took of the picture emailed to Christopher of the woman thought to be Pam Ewing, taken in a bank in the Swiss city).

Is this Pam? Personally I don't think she looks anything like Victoria Principal but the role could have been recast (Or it could be Dr Gordon in drag)

Is this Pam? Personally I don’t think she looks anything like Victoria Principal but the role could have been recast (Or it could be Dr Gordon in drag)

If it is her and she is still alive (and personally I still think she’s dead) why is she travelling under a new identity? Even one like Patricia Bennett doesn’t seem to make any sense (although the name does have the initials P.B.-Pamela Barnes?). At least when she was calling herself Pamela Monahan there was a reason to it as Monahan was the surname of her and Cliff’s Aunt Maggie who had raised them both (along with Digger).
However what I found more interesting is the promo for next week’s season finale episodes. Check out the screencaps below that I managed to get after trying for 100 times to pause the screen at the right moment. Is this the face of Pam Ewing? I really hope that Pam isn’t dead, but I have a nasty feeling she will be. In the clip Christopher runs up behind the woman says ‘mom’ and turns her to face him.
He also meets with Dr David Gordon (the miraculously talented plastic surgeon who not only gave Pam a new face, but managed to make her look just as attractive as before-even nowadays with face transplants no one who’s had such surgery looks so good!) and tells him all he wants are his mother’s shares.
I think the build up was all to send Christopher on a wild goose chase and Pam will have died a long time ago.
Dr Gordon will have been the one making the withdrawls on her account, beginning with when she died in 1989, and he will have been either paying or forcing an unknown woman to impersonate Pam so that he can get his hands on all of the money paid to her by Barnes Global. The signatures of Pam and Patricia Bennett may be the same but that can easily be put down to forgery.
I also think it’s possible though that Pam may have recorded a message and/or written a letter to Christopher, Bobby and possibly also Cliff as a final goodbye letting them know that had she not been dying of a mysterious unexplained illness (as she was when last seen in 1988) she would have returned to Dallas. I can but hope that I am wrong and she is both alive and returning and this woman is indeed Pamela Ewing (I actually think she looks a little bit like Victoria Principal trying not to look like Victoria Principal if that makes sense). Of course she could also be no one at all and simply a case of mistaken identity by Christopher as he grows increasingly frantic to find his mother. I can hardly wait to see all this resolved next week.
Could this woman be Pam?

Could this woman be Pam?

Is this Pam, still alive?

Is this Pam, still alive?

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11 Responses to Is Pam Ewing coming back to Dallas?

  1. Mike says:

    I’m torn on this. We have to ask ourselves how does her coming into the show help the show. I would love to see her back. I absolutely 100% do not believe that VP will be playing that part. Some people think that TNT is planning to surprise viewers with a sudden VP return, but that makes no sense. To me, it would make more sense for TNT to announce it and build the hype in hopes to increase ratings. I would love to see the spot recast with someone who has a resemblence to VP. The VP dynamic would be awesome for the show and her character would have a huge effect and can lead to many story-lines with Cliff, Christopher, and Bobby/Ann.

    I hope she’s alive and recast. I still don’t know why the Ewings would just assume she would sign over her shares and hurt her brother, even if she were alive.

    • theewing says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for reading and the comment. I agree, I would really like to see Pam return. Even if played by another actress, as you’ve said above someone with a resemblence to Victoria Principal would be great. I would rather have that then the character be dead and no chance of coming back, but I know not everyone will agree with me as Victoria did a hell of a job playing Pam.

      • carmen says:

        Let’s all scream at the producers to have margaret michaels play pam again. The show will die without the character. The show’s essence is bobby and pam. to hell with VP if she wont come back.

      • theewing says:

        Hi Carmen, thanks for reading and the comment. I agree with what you say, I would have liked to have seen Pam back even as a recast, but sadly now it looks like it won’t happen. I’m undecided about whether or not to tune in next season if it is renewed. A Dallas without Pam, JR or Katherine doesn’t thrill me at all.

      • Dallas 1.0 Fan says:

        I agree. The character is still pivotal. Bobby and Ann are so unrealistic. Ann is boring and even her bad ex and daughter can’t bring her up to any level of interest. Bobby needs the character back (whoever plays her).

      • Dan says:

        Hi, Thanks for the comment it’s much appreciated. I agree with you on Bobby and Ann. They don’t have any chemistry and yet have now supposedly been married for nearly 10 years! (7 by the time of the first season, plus two more for seasons 2 & 3). Even April (How I miss her now) had more chemistry with him. The show lacks the well loved faces of the original cast but the producers could care less as it seems all they want to do is take Dallas down a road that will alienate the fans and lead to its cancellation.

    • Dallas 1.0 Pam & Bobby forever says:

      You have expressed the sentiments of about 90% of the viewers I know. She should be well and recast. How do you just remove a character because of the ideas of the actress, aka, “Juliet”. Bobby and Pam started it all. It’s not Dallas without her character (recast).

  2. Ricky Eunice says:

    I don’t see why they cant do what they did when that guy showed up claiming to be Jock, having a Pam look alike would add story to a Bobby, Pam and Ann triangle and why not get Ann worried that Bobby will fall for a Pam look alike, after all she was his first wife and he does still love her in his own way and Christopher is still his and Pam’s son.

    • theewing says:

      Hi Ricky,

      Thanks for reading and the comment. I think a Pam lookalike would be a good idea. I think I must be one of the only people who quite liked the Jeanne O’ Brien story on the original Dallas. As you’ve said, having someone like that around would add a good dynamic to the Ann & Bobby story.

  3. ings says:

    Tonight looks like she is dead, but what a missed opfor fantastic storylines.I loved VP , even if not her , Bring back Pam! Hope show continues, no other show can match original with modern twist and intrigue and old characters. Cliff was misguided, obsessed , however not evil as in the original , but I suppose what else could they have done to create intrigue. similarly, JR is loveable in new Dallas. Anyhow thanks for sharing Dallas love

    • theewing says:

      Hi Ings,

      Thanks for the comment. I too would’ve liked to have seen Pam back. Though I can understand why they officially ‘killed off’ the character, they didn’t really have many options (especially to make it believable and sit well with the fans) of what they could do. I would’ve swallowed just about anything they came up with though just to have Pam back on screen. I would have been able to accept Cliff’s turn to the dark side if only they explained it any other way than the stupid Barnes Ewing feud which he’d already buried with Miss Ellie in 1988. To me it shows a distinct lack of imagination on the part of the production team that they seriously couldn’t come up with a better explanation than to cast aside stablished history. I think if Larry Hagman were still in the show it would be 10 times the show it is, but sadly we’ll never see him in Dallas again.

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