When did they find Jock’s body?


On the left is Miss Ellie's grave from season one, clearly with no one buried beside her but...Ta daa! as if by magic when JR is buried in season 2 Jock's grave is next to her (looks like it's been there a while too)

On the left is Miss Ellie’s grave from season one, clearly with no one buried beside her but…Ta daa! as if by magic when JR is buried in season 2 Jock’s grave is next to her (looks like it’s been there a while too)

Speaking of burials, since when was Jock Ewing’s body found? I ask this because in episode 8 of season 2 (of Dallas 2.0) during the funeral of JR we can clearly see a headstone marked ‘Jock Ewing’. Any original fan of Dallas will know that Jock’s body was never found after he died in a helicopter crash in South America in 1982. Ray, Bobby & JR all flew out to the crash site to find him (See episode ‘The Search’) and, as Bobby put it, after a lengthy search in a pond which only yielded Jock’s medallion,: “Nothing that goes in that lake is coming back up again”. His headstone wasn’t seen in the first season of Dallas 2.0 either, Miss Ellie has someone buried to the right of her but not the left (as seen when Bobby visits her grave in season 1 episode 8), but by the time of JR’s funeral, there is Jock’s headstone, to the left of Miss Ellie. Wouldn’t Wes Parmalee’s claim to be Jock (Wes was a con man who turned up in season 9 of Dallas-10 on DVD-claiming to be the deceased Ewing patriarch) be completely invalidated straight away if they had Jock’s body the whole time?! Or is the viewer supposed to believe that Jock’s body was discovered within the 20 years since the end of the original series and the start of the new one? WTF is it with the stupid rewrites of history on Dallas? Why can no one just research the facts and stick to them?!

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6 Responses to When did they find Jock’s body?

  1. jockewingfan115 says:

    I don’t think Jock’s body was found. It’s not unusual for families to erect a head stone even when the body can’t be found.

    • theewing says:

      Hi, thanks for reading and the comment. That’s certainly possible, I’m just unfamiliar with it as over here in the UK there would be a memorial marker but never a full headstone for an empty grave, (not that I’ve heard of anyway) but obviously everywhere is different with their funerals and burial customs etc. and makes me wonder why they decided to erect a headstone for him in the time between season 1 and season 2-unless the headstone to the right of Miss Ellie’s in season 1 is Jock’s, but then why go to the trouble of moving it when JR’s buried?

  2. Mike says:

    It’s not necessary for the family to actually retrieve the body to decide to plant a headstone. I’ve seen that done before.

    • theewing says:

      Thanks for commenting, I’ve learnt something new. Over here in the UK I’d never heard of it done. A memorial marker yes, but not a full headstone if a body hadn’t been found-unless there was at least one body in the grave already and the missing one was a relative etc.-

  3. Dalton says:

    They found Jock’s body when the lake dried up during the drought of 2001…they also found Amelia’s & Jimmy’s bodies in the same lake…Imagine that…LOL!

    • theewing says:

      Hi Dalton,

      Thanks for the comment, haha I can imagine a lot of people are at the bottom of the lake with Jock, including most of the original characters!

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