Where is Clayton Farlow buried?…

Clayton in his last episode in 1991

Clayton in his last episode in 1991

…Is a question I’ve been asking myself since Dallas 2.0 started. He’s another character that appears to have been consigned to the rubbish bin of Dallas. Never again to be mentioned, (not even by John Ross or Christopher who called him Grandpa Farlow as he was the only grandfather they ever knew) referenced (except on Facebook) and no photos seemingly kept or seen, it’s like the poor guy never existed.
Clayton (Miss Ellie’s second husband, and a large part of the show) essentially took the place of senior father figure at Southfork after Jock’s death. First appearing in 1981 he appeared in literally hundreds of episodes and made his final appearance in 1991 when he arrived at Southfork to tell Bobby and JR that Miss Ellie had signed Southfork over to Bobby (he failed to mention, as did Miss Ellie, that she had a secret codicil that would be activated upon the death of JR-over 20 years later-that would hand half of Southfork to John Ross, but of course he didn’t mention it because it’s yet another piece of Dallas history that has been rewritten).
Anyway, according to the Dallas facebook page, Clayton died of a heart attack in 1999. He died and then his body disappeared-perhaps it was stolen? I’m sure Miss Ellie would have wanted him buried next to her on Southfork. However that hasn’t happened and wherever the Ewings have buried him it clearly isn’t anywhere nearby, so where the hell is Clayton’s body?

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4 Responses to Where is Clayton Farlow buried?…

  1. Mike says:

    I absolutely agree with you on this one. Clayton was a huge part of “Dallas” history and certainly one would think that he would have a plot there next to his wife of what 10+ years or so? I agree

    • theewing says:

      Hi, Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you agree. I’ve heard so little of Clayton mentioned but he was a major character, and in the show (maybe as a supporting character initially) for 10 years, and as you say, his marriage to Miss Ellie must be at least that and probably more considering when he supposedly died. I find it odd that they haven’t even buried him anywhere near-and they must have his body-yet Jock gets a full on gravestone and his body’s at the bottom of a lake somewhere in South America. This also got me thinking about Garrison Southworth-Miss Ellie’s brother who showed up in the second season (on DVD). I’m sure it was Miss Ellie’s plan to bury him on Southfork also, as he was dying at the time, but he’s missing from the burial plot too.

      • Gary Warner says:

        Isn’t it reasonable to assume that Clayton could very well be buried with his first wife, Amy? Perhaps, Clayton’s son/nephew, Steven took action to make sure his father wasn’t buried on Ewing Land. Likewise, Jock was worshiped by his sons. Why wouldn’t he have a stone? I question why people have a hard time just being thankful we have Dallas back on the air.

      • theewing says:

        Hi Gary,

        Thanks for reading and the comment. It could be assumed that Clayton is buried elsewhere, but a lot of things could also be assumed. The fact is that Clayton is another character that has been erased from the history of the show and has never been mentioned or even referred to, despite his having been a major part of Dallas 1.0 of which Dallas 2.0 is supposed to be a continuation of. If Dusty did claim Clayton’s body, why did Miss Ellie allow it? Why didn’t she want Clayton buried on Southfork land? Why wouldn’t even Bobby allow him to be buried next to her, surely her wishes were ignored in this when on other things (no drilling on Southfork?) her wishes were respected (By Bobby and Christopher at least). The point I’m trying to make is that beloved characters like Clayton deserve to have their story told and not just ‘swept under the rug’ as though they never existed. Why leave the fans with so many questions?

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