Missing: Donna Culver Krebbs

Donna-where are you?!

Donna-where are you?!

Last seen: Washington DC, May 15th 1987. Current whereabouts-unknown.
Donna Culver Krebbs first appeared in episode 27 of the original series of Dallas. Titled ‘The Outsiders’ we learnt that Donna was the much younger wife of elderly politician Sam Culver. Meeting Ray Krebbs by chance in a bar they hit it off and though they shared a mutual attraction Donna would not leave her husband for Ray and they parted. Perhaps due to the popularity of the character and/or the impressive acting skills of Susan Howard (who played Donna from 1979 to 1987) she returned in episode 44 and became a regular in episode 61 with her and Ray eventually marrying following the death of Sam. Sadly, as often happens in television and for some inexplicable reason, Susan Howard was let go and made her last appearance in the episode ‘Fall of the House of Ewing’. In her final scene, which was truly bizarre as it gave no closure to the character whatsoever, Donna held new born Margaret Krebbs (Ray’s daughter, also missing from Dallas 2.0-in spite of it supposedly being about the next generation) and talked with her new beau, Senator Andrew Dowling, in her swanky new mansion in Washington DC.
With the launch of Dallas 2.0 in June 2012 many fans, myself included, hoped to hear what had happened to some of our favourite characters in the preceeding two decades. However sadly and for some truly puzzling reason, Donna has yet to even be mentioned let alone seen-despite being a good friend of the Ewings and someone who would most certainly have been at JR’s funeral.
The mystery of why she didn’t appear was soon solved by Susan Howard herself who released a statement saying that she would have loved to have been there but simply wasn’t asked.
If the statement did come from Susan, it makes me question why the producers would be so short sighted as to continue to deny what the viewing public want to see on Dallas 2.0 which is a mix of the new characters (and some of them are very good) and the old favourites (Donna, Lucy, Ray, Jenna, Pam etc etc). The show is supposed to be a CONTINUATION of the original, which Executive Producer Cynthia Cidre has said herself. But I don’t know of any other tv series which gives so many beloved characters the old heave-ho, erases them completely from the history of the show and just fails to reference them ever again as has happened with the new ‘Dallas’ (which appears more and more each week to be Dallas In Name Only or DINO) why can’t there at least be closure if they aren’t going to appear again? Why are viewers left hanging on wondering? I want to know what happened to the characters I grew up watching and I know I’m not the only one. It’s little wonder the show is losing so many viewers as it alienates more than it gains with puzzling plot twists, seemingly endless re-writing and erasing of established Dallas history. Despite this I do hope the show gets renewed for a third season as this will be the only chance to see some of the old favourite characters-hopefully the producers are actually going to start listening to what the fans want-should it be cancelled no-one will touch Dallas again for love or money for many years to come.

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7 Responses to Missing: Donna Culver Krebbs

  1. Mike says:

    If we want to complain about someone not on the show, I am going for both Gary and Ray Krebbs. With JR gone, I think Gary and Ray could be utilized here for that back and forth brother roll with Bobby. Ray was one of my favorite characters from the show, and I hate the one-liners he gets only when the show has an event, funeral, BBQ, etc…I do think Cidre does an OK job with having past and present meet, but more effort could be put into it.

    • theewing says:

      Hi Mike, I totally agree with you. I think, with JR gone (though no one could fill Larry Hagman’s shoes) Bobby definitely needs another brother to spar/interact with and Gary or Ray would fill that spot very admirably. In fact if Ray filled it it would be good if he brought his family along too. I’m also wondering what happened to Jenna, Charlie and Lucas. Three people I would have expected to be at JR’s funeral-especially Lucas being a blood Ewing.

  2. Gary Warner says:

    I agree. Who better for Bobby to have that love/hate relationship with than Ray Krebbs? The guy is his half brother who raised his son and married his “high school sweetheart.” Talk about torn emotions. Bobby did seem very short with Ray at JR’s funeral to set it up.

    • theewing says:

      It would be great to see more original faces turn up, but after the bloodbath of season 2, I really think Dallas is at an end. Where would they go from here? Without Pam, Katherine or JR and with 5 second cameos for the original characters I can’t see many people tuning in if it does get renewed for season 3.

  3. I totally agree. There is virtually no real family on this show. Just a bunch of disjointed folks with their own agendas. I am a Dallas junkie and I will watch it until it ends but they really need to do more with the characters and have more issues driving them than control of Ewing global. JR wasn’t just about Ewing oil, he was about being a Ewing and being the first born – competing with Gary and Bobby. Much of the drama of the old series concerned his friction with Pamela as the daughter of digger Barnes and his and Sue Ellen’s race to conceive the first grandchild. Also, I love John Ross, but the writers have written him into sort of a caricature of J.R. J.R. never ranted and raved! He pretty much never let his right hand know what his left hand was doing. He was much cooler and sneakier than John Ross. Sometimes it is rather painful to watch.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Katherine,

      Thanks for reading and the comment, I appreciate it. I agree with you, I really feel the show is missing something at the moment, they characters really don’t seem like a family and are at each others throats more than they’re at peace. I also wish us viewers would be given some information about what happened in the 20+ years Dallas was off the air as I think that would clear up so much confusion for people but it seems like the writers and producers have no idea themselves and are just letting the fans come to their own conclusions about it which is a shame and turning some people off the show I think.

  4. Yup. Also I think they are so worried about appealing to a younger demographic that they have really turned into a cross between Dallas and Keeping Up with The Kardashians. That finale with the threesome was really a bit much. I have all 14 seasons of the original and I prefer watching that. Everytime I look at the re-boot it makes me sad. Like I said I will watch but it is bitter sweet.

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