Where in the world is Pam Ewing?

Pam Ewing-RIP?

Pam Ewing-RIP?

The plot thickened on yesterday’s episode of Dallas 2.0. Titled ‘Guilt & Innocence’ We found out that Pam has been tracked to Abu Dhabi. She apparently entered the country in 1989 with ‘a man presumed to be her husband’ (Dr David Gordon?-the surgeon who did plastic surgery on her following her car accident back in 1987)Her passport has since expired and she has not travelled further. Taking a guess, I would say that she has now died. The reason I think this is the fact that she entered Abu Dhabi in 1989, 24 years ago, and has not travelled since and her passport is expired. For what reason could she have not wanted to ever leave Abu Dhabi? I think she entered it as she was dying and wanted to spend her last few months there. (That would also fit with what she said to Dr. Gordon in 1988 after Cliff had left the room): “Could I really go back? Knowing I only have a few months left to live”. The episode, ‘Carousel’, aired in October ’88, so three months later, when she may have been at death’s door would have been January 1989. The man ‘presumed’ to be her husband would have to be Dr Gordon and she also told Cliff that she was going to marry the doctor (though of course this was a ruse to make Cliff think that was the reason she wasn’t going to return to Dallas-as far as the fans know she did not have any actual plans to marry) but he could still have been presumed to be her husband while accompanying her to her final place of rest. (My other thought of who the mystery gentleman could be is Mark Graison!)
I also read online today that, if it’s true, Dr David Gordon is coming back into the show. The only reason I can think is that Christopher Ewing will come face to face with him, instead of Pam, and be led to her grave. I hope it’s not true and that Pam will still be alive and coming back into the show, whether played by Victoria Principal or not (obviously she’s the ideal choice but has stated she does not wish to reprise the role) but nothing I have read, mainly interview snippets by Cynthia Cidre, sound like Pam Ewing will be found alive and well, or even that she’s coming back into the series. On the other hand on the ‘family tree’ section of the TNT Dallas website it does not say that Pam is deceased and the character profile talks about her in the present tense as in ‘alive’. So who knows, but it will certainly be interesting to find out. If Pam is dead though, it will at least give closure to the fans who have been waiting nearly 25 years to finally find out what happened to Pam. (personally I think the ball was well and truly dropped by the producers on the original series not killing her off, but I can also understand why they wouldn’t want to kill Pam off given the ‘dream season’ debacle that followed Patrick Duffy’s return to the show).

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2 Responses to Where in the world is Pam Ewing?

  1. Dallas Fan from Way Back says:

    Dumbest thing ever done to a VERY popular RETURNING TV show. Kill off a super important key character (Pamela Ewing) because Victoria doesn’t want to do it and doesn’t want to be replaced. So she is appeased with her character’s death written in because that’s the way she wanted it. Cynthia, why did you let Victoria make the decision. She would easily look different, as we all know. You have to figure out something; Bobby’s wife is a joke and very boring; even her ex and daughter don’t help Ann. Pam’s character is still pivotal in making the show interesting. Take a stand and write (right) (YOU WRITE, NOT VICTORIA) Pam’s character back some way/ some how. It’s the only way to keep viewers watching.

    • Dan says:

      Hi, thanks for reading and the comment. I agree that Pam Ewing is a very important character and personally I would’ve really liked to see her return (obviously Victoria Principal would’ve been the ideal choice but a recast could’ve been almost as good depending on who was chosen). I don’t think Victoria Principal had that much to do with the character being killed off though. I say that because in her statement she said she couldn’t be held responsible for any choices made by the producers once she’d left Dallas. So I think if the producers of Dallas 2.0 had wanted to bring Pam back they would have regardless of whether Victoria was in agreement or not. I don’t know anywhere where she says she doesn’t want to be replaced by another actress as Pam Ewing (that had already happened anyway by the unnamed actress playing Pam in the bandages and Margaret Michaels in 1988).

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