Dallas season 2 episode 9-Ewings Unite!

A bomb goes off!

A bomb goes off!

Val absolutely fuming and about to leave Dallas after telling Sue Ellen that she won't be leaving.

Val absolutely fuming and about to leave Dallas after telling Sue Ellen that she won’t be leaving.

I won’t give a massively detailed review here as there are several sites that do it better than I could (please see http://www.ultimatedallas.com, http://www.dallasdivasderby.com & http://www.dallasdecoder.com). But what I will say, having seen the episode, is that for me it fell pretty flat. It wasn’t a bad episode (besides the continuity errors and throwing out of established Dallas history but I’ll talk about that in a minute) but without a character like JR Ewing, who defined the show in many ways, it feels a lot like every other average show on television-neither good nor bad but just getting by. There’s even a cliffhanger ending, but sadly it doesn’t feel like much of a cliffhanger-mainly due to the massive body count on the series. We’re 9 episodes in and how many people have died already? (there will probably be more in episode 10 once the smoke clears).
Anyway, two things I’m going to mention are Gary and the return of Val. Val (played by the awesome Joan Van Ark) in a very memorable scene storms into Sue Ellen’s office and harangues her for, she believes, getting her to come to Dallas just so she could be humiliated. She then goes on to tell Sue Ellen that she won’t be leaving until she shows Gary what a monster Sue Ellen really is! She then goes and, er, leaves. Straight away in fact.
The other thing is Miss Ellie supposedly leaving half of Southfork to John Ross, which is only discovered because JR died and she supposedly left a codicil in her will to be activated on the death of JR. Absolute and utter nonsense. Bobby was given Southfork lock, stock and barrel back in the original series. Clayton (where the hell is his body buried?) even made a special trip to Southfork to tell Bobby and JR. What would have happened had the conservancy deal last season have been genuine? In fact it actually makes the fight for Southfork in season one completely pointless. JR and John Ross could have drilled anyway and Bobby couldn’t have done anything to stop them. So we all watched a meaningless plot evolve on Dallas last year, supposedly the main plot of the series! Thanks production team! Of course this doesn’t matter to them, all details they don’t seem to care about along with killing off Katherine for no good reason whatsoever, turning the inside of Southfork into a forgettable mess, erasing history and much loved characters from the show and showing in the process they don’t understand the heritge or appeal of the original at all-awesome!

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2 Responses to Dallas season 2 episode 9-Ewings Unite!

  1. Mike says:

    I agree with the changing of Southfork. Heck, the stairwell doesn’t even look the same. The old Southfork was gorgeous. I understand the viewer is supposed to think that in 20+ years it common to renovate and update, but the layout isn’t even the same, come on!

    • theewing says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’m still hoping, that if Dallas gets picked up for a third season-and Patrick Duffy says it has-then the production team will have another look at the Southfork interior and change it back, largely, to how it was. I don’t think it’s very likely, but I’m really hoping they will. Or at least get rid of that awful portrait of Jock and Miss Ellie and replace it with the Jock portrait from the original series and a new, separate one of Miss Ellie.

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