Missing: Portrait of Jock Ewing

The eyesore new painting. Thankfully it's partially obscured by Bobby's head.

The eyesore new painting. Thankfully it’s partially obscured by Bobby’s head.

The original and easily the best portrait, now missing from Southfork

The original and easily the best portrait, now missing from Southfork

The portrait of Jock Ewing (which appeared following Jock’s death in a helicopter crash in 1982) hung in both the offices of Ewing Oil and the living room of Southfork for many years before finally disappearing (presumably into storage) around 1996. I think it was last seen in the tv reunion movie JR Returns, though I could be wrong on this as I don’t yet have the movies on DVD.
With the return of Dallas (2.0) in June 2012, the portrait is still missing. However, a new and infintely worse portrait now hangs over the fireplace of the new, and very naff looking, Southfork living room/diner/kitchen/whatever it is (To anyone who can do something about this-please put it back the way it was!)
Along with the hacked to bits interior of Southfork giving original fans (that includes me) of the series much grief, we also have to contend with the endless absence of things that would make the show seem that bit more familiar, one thing being the portrait. The picture it has been replaced with (a creepy looking one of Miss Ellie touching Jock’s face) does a disservice to the show through the way it looks so cheap and has no warmth whatsoever, unlike the original portrait of Jock which became a part of Dallas in itself. I have seen, on another site, an alternative portrait of Miss Ellie that fans sent in and would have been placed next to the one of Jock. This is so much better and should have been used, but of course it wasn’t as the production team know so much more having hardly seen the original and seemingly not understanding its appeal at all, than the loyal fans of the show many of whom have been watching since it first aired in April 1978.
To the production team of Dallas 2.0: Please, please do what is right and start fixing some of these things. Fans would rather have Southfork as it was, portraits of Jock and Ellie included (as separates, not the tacky current one). Thank you.

Update (18/04/13): I must eat my words as I read in an interview yesterday with Cynthia Cidre and TV Guide that apparently the reason the portrait isn’t being seen is because Jim Davis’s heirs won’t give the rights for it to be used. If true, I think this is very sad as the portrait had a life of its own (so to speak) on the original and would help to reduce the eyesore that Southfork has become today if it hung there.

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