Judith Brown Ryland: The Wicked Witch of Dallas

Who wouldn't be scared by a look like this?

Who wouldn’t be scared by a look like this?

I think my favourite character of Dallas 2.0 has to be Judith Ryland (Ann Ewing comes in second. I don’t count John Ross as he’s been a character since the original though the actor has changed). Judith is the mother of Ewing enemy Harris Ryland, and ex-Medusa-in-law of Ann Ewing (AKA wife no. 3).
Judith first appeared in episode 2 of the second season of Dallas 2.0 (the aptly titled ‘Venemous Creatures’). She is one scary mother, grandmother and ex-mother-in-law and makes Harris seem as fierce as a kitten (not that he’s ever seemed that fierce to me anyway, but that’s a whole other post).
judith controls, manipulates and otherwise attempts to intimidate anyone in her way to either doing her bidding or being very, very afraid of her. Judith is brought to life by Judith Light (who prior to Dallas I had never seen and/or heard of-much to my shame as she’s excellent). I think the writers should ‘kill off’ Harris and his drab offspring Emma and instead bring Judith centre stage as the main Ewing nemesis. Here’s hoping they do!

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