How I miss the old Southfork interior

The upstairs hallway of Southfork

The upstairs hallway of Southfork

Cally in the guest bedroom

Cally in the guest bedroom

The Southfork dining room

The Southfork dining room

Miss Ellie & Jock's/Clayton's room

Miss Ellie & Jock’s/Clayton’s room

The Southfork gym

The Southfork gym

Christopher's room

Christopher’s room

JR & Sue Ellen's room

JR & Sue Ellen’s room

The Southfork nursery

The Southfork nursery

The Southfork office/den

The Southfork office/den

Bobby & Pam's room

Bobby & Pam’s room

Jock stares into space in the living room

Jock stares into space in the living room

The inside of Southfork (the Ewing family home for many years) on the new Dallas, Why WHY WHY?! In the last 20 years (not counting the reunion movies or the return to southfork special) it has both shrunk and looks much, much worse than it did before. The dining room has been replaced with an office, the living room has been replaced with a dining room and what would have been the back area of the house by the staircase (through which many characters arrived and left in the original series) has now been opened up to become some horrible looking kitchen/living room.
Southfork should NOT have been changed, and anyone with any feeling for the original show would know that. In this ‘continuation’ a lot of fans tuned in to see the familiar as well as the new and the change of the Southfork interior is jarring to many who became familiar with it. The new interiors will never get the same affection and will alienate fans further from the show at a time when it needs to gain viewers and not lose them.
Another example of how history has been rewritten-In the pilot episode of the new Dallas, Ewing family cook Carmen (who arrived in 2012 not 1987 as we’re led to believe) tells Christopher Ewing “Eat slower mijo. I feel like I’ve been saying that since you were 5”. As if! Could you imagine any of the Ewing household staff daring to say anything so bold to any of the family? The most they said was either “yes Mr/Mrs Ewing” “No Mr/Mrs Ewing” or “There’s a telephone call for you Mr/Mrs Ewing”. But I digress, back to the interior of Southfork. I hope and pray, as I think some others do, that there will be a fire a la the original series, allowing some much needed remodeling to happen. Then Southfork can go back to looking how it should, Jock’s portrait can re-appear where it belongs along with a new one featuring Miss Ellie and one of JR (though maybe his would look better hung in the office of Ewing Energies).
Anyway, Southfork is currently missing-about 5 bedrooms, 1 gym, 1 library, 1 office, 1 proper dining room (with a swing door into the kitchen), 1 separate kitchen and one living room-exactly like they were in the original series but obviously updated for 2013. Above are some pictures of the old Southfork interiors-how they should still look today!

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7 Responses to How I miss the old Southfork interior

  1. RA says:

    Seriously? If you have your own site dedicated to the series, I have to assume you’re a big enough fan to know that the original series was shot on studio sets in California. Only exterior and location shots were filmed in Dallas, TX. I know, because as a kid, we used to tail the film crew around town to take photos and get autographs.

    Southfork Ranch was owned by J.R. Duncan, who actually lived there at first, before the series became so popular that fan traffic impeded it’s use as a “normal” residence. I believe it was subsequently sold to Universal Pictures/ Lorimar Productions. It is now an event site, hosting private parties, weddings, rodeos, etc. It is also very accessible; as the Dallas metro area continues to expand, it now seems like a suburban location.

    One reason I really like the new series is that the actual house in it’s current configuration is used. Much more realistic. (I mean, c’mon, did you really think all of those rooms in the original series could fit inside the square footage of the home you saw in the opening credits?)

    As for the Jock Ewing portrait by Ro Kim, I remember seeing where it was among items auctioned off by Larry Hagman just a few years ago before he died. As I understand, it is now in the hands of Jim Davis’ heirs; they have not given their permission for the image to be used in the new series.

    • Dan says:

      Hi RA,

      Thanks for reading and the comment, I appreciate it. Thanks also for all the information about Southfork, I am of course already aware of it. When I say I miss the old Southfork interior I’m referring to the old sets that they had on the original series and which have been changed, horribly, for Dallas 2.0. Yes, I can tell that the inside then would not fit with the small size of the outside, but I don’t care and neither do any of the other people I’ve talked to. Some alterations yes, but ripping out whole rooms and areas of the house? I also know, perhaps you don’t as you haven’t mentioned it, is that the interiors were based on the inside of a mansion that was in the Turtle Creek section of town. I hate the way the inside of Southfork looks on Dallas 2.0 is what I’m saying in a nutshell. I’d read that Jim Davis’s heirs wouldn’t allow the portrait to be used, but then I read elsewhere that his niece has never even been asked for permission to use it so who knows what the truth is.

    • Shax says:

      “One reason I really like the new series is that the actual house in it’s current configuration is used.”

      – Are you aware that they´re still shooting at a Soundstage like they did in the 80s?
      Even the real Southfork interior looks much better than this new crappy interior!


      I agree with you 100% totally miss the old set especially the Dinning and Living Room and the upstairs hallway.
      This new interior doesn´t even make much sense,when I go by the exterior there is no space for the new kitchen and livingroom which is located were the garage is suppose to be.

      • Dan says:

        Hi Shax,

        Thanks for reading and the comment, it’s much appreciated, apologies for the lateness of my reply. I wish they would put the interior back how it was too, they could update the furnishings etc to make it look current but have the layout as it was in the original series. Sadly though I think the producers are blind when it comes to what will and what won’t work on the show and seem obsessed only with delivering their ‘vision’ of it, much to the detriment of the viewing experience of the fans. The new interior looks cold, has no heart or warmth and also destroys the spirit of what has gone before as it is totally unfamiliar. There has been talk of some kind of building work to Southfork, changing it somehow, a couple of the cast have hinted at this, but with the current production team in charge I won’t be holding my breath that the changes will be in any way positive.

  2. Oliver says:

    I completely agree Dan I have just finished designing my family home that we start building next month and the exterior and interior are based on the old Southfork. I am currently re watching the old episodes of Dallas while waiting for the new series to start as it hasn’t aired here yet. There was no need to change the layout of the Ranch because I found it more than desirable compared to now. The design of the new southfork isn’t ugly in its self its ugly because it doesn’t belong in southfork. I have seen previews of the NEW DALLAS season 3 and I have also seen the fire preview (hope everyone survives) so hopefully the directors and set designers will take into consideration everyones comments and thoughts and remodel the NEW SOUTHFORK to look the old one.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Oliver,

      Thanks for your comment and for reading, it’s much appreciated. I totally agree with you on the Southfork interior. I think it would be great if they could at least make it similar to how it used to be, the producers don’t seem to get it though or how it would work in their favour if they would make that change. Please could I see some pics of your new home? Sounds like a very interesting project!

      • Oliver says:

        yes of course we’ve started building now I’ll post some of the floor plans. Its a bigger version of southfork (extra windows where needed). yes it is very interesting as its been my dream house since the first time i saw it as a child.

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